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5 Drawstring Bag Uses with Cool Print Design Clues

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

5 drawstring bag uses with cool print ideas are here to inspire; drawstring bags are known to be the best bag to use when summer comes, but they are actually suitable to wear whatever the activities, either it is indoor or outdoor. Based on our preference of style, our tote bag can be designed to meet our need. There are several brilliant tote bag printing design ideas that can be followed just in case there is no clue about the canvas bag printing idea appearing in mind.

5 Coolest Printing Designs, Great Ideas for Your Printing Bags

  • For Hiker. Nothing better than a lightweight tote bag to be carried along which is perfect when hiking to bring sunscreen, trail mix, a water bottle and other things required to take with. The canvas bag design printing that can be considered will include the starry sky at night that looks so quiet, stripes with botanical, as well as “Cabin Supply” words with the combination of a piece of wood and an axe that form “X” sign for the coolest drawstring bag design result.
  • For Fitness Guru. A canvas bag is perfect even for fitness gurus or people who love working out in a gym as a drawstring bag is very useful to contain a towel, a water bottle, clothes, and other things needed during workout. The standout tote bag printing design ideas that can be considered include a cute panda with a red headband just like Japanese people often wear, a pair of sneakers in which the left one has “You” word and the right one shows “Me” word, or an image of a bear weightlifting.
  • For Student. For students who diligently attend classes, the tote bag will really be useful to carry calculators, books, pencil case, and even laptop. The coolest tote bag printing designs that should be looked at include the motivational quotes “Dream Big Work Hard & Never Give Up,” The words I love donuts but the love sign is replaced with the doughnut image, and the concept of how hard the art is.
  • For Cyclist. A canvas bag for cyclists may be useful enough to store the helmet when having a break, jacket, or even some groceries after shopping in the market. The tote bag printing designs that may be inspiring enough are including a map with someone cycling image at its top, an image of pine tree bike, or a cycling go west image.
  • For Beach Holiday. It must be perfect to carry a tote bag when going to the beach in which the bag can carry towel, sunscreen, shades, books, and other things needed for beach holidays. The sea, pineapple, as well as the ocean image is included in the printing designs that can be used for the drawstring bag.