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Easter Tote Bag Printing that You Can Use Daily Fashionably

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Easter tote bag printing that you can use daily in a stylish way comes in a bunch of design ideas that are both cute and cool. Remember that the bag that can be durable to use for a longer time is a canvas bag and it is also environmentally friendly as well but you can still look fashionable when carrying it. No matter what you want to bring inside, either it is gardening tools, books, or some picnic stuff, a drawstring bag is always useful and here some tote bag design printing clues with Easter concept.

Coolest Easter Printing Designs

  • Rabbit’s Anatomy. The design can focus on a white rabbit that is drawn in a cartoon style in the center of the canvas bag. Then, there is an explanation one by one by having an arrow above the rabbit’s body part with the cute words that is funny and easy to understand, such as “cute face,” “bun booty,” and “stretched out listeners” and others for a better and more attractive tote bag.
  • 20 Various and Colorful Eggs for Easter. Another interesting design here is colorful Easter eggs that are arranged in five columns and four rows. The drawstring bag has a yellow background and there are twenty Easter eggs that come in different colors and patterns for each so they are all unique.
  • A Chicken Sketch. A tote bag printing design that is the simplest is the sketch of a chicken which is like being drawn with a pencil and it is only black and white with the background of tote bag using a yellow color.
  • Bunny Couple. The tote bag is so cute and attractive only with a bunny couple that seems being in love. The canvas bag in a green background with small polka dots and on the top of it which is also considered as the center image, there are two bunnies holding hands. The tote bag printing design is prettier with a love sign above them.
  • Easter Bunny with Petals. The drawstring bag designed in a brown or chocolate background with a bunny in the center surrounded by petals and clover leaves will totally be cute.
  • Easter Bunny Sketch. The canvas bag in a pink background can have an Easter bunny that is placed in the center with the bigger size.
  • Various Expressions. Another cutest tote bag printing design is nine rabbits having an egg-shaped body with different expression on each face, like smiling, angry, and so on.
  • Rabbit in a Cup. There is a white rabbit that appears from a blue cup and it only shows a half of its body from the side angle. It is another one of the cutest drawstring bag printing designs to consider.