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Fun Drawstring and Tote Bag Printing for Your Sunny Beach Day

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Are you looking forward to your holiday by the beach? Have not gotten any bag to look super stylish there yet? This article unveils several tote bag printing ideas that you can consider then choose one that fits your preferences. Do you dare enough to catch people’s attention in the crowded beach?

Drawstring and Tote Bag Printing Ideas for Your Sunny Beach Day

  1. One or two scoops of ice cream cone. You can look stylish and fresh with a tote bag that has ice cream printing on it. Whether it is one scoop, two scoops, or uncountable scoops, make the design so cheerful that people will be happy just by looking at your canvas bag. Try the swirling or spinning style background that has one pastel color and white color combined. You can also make the drawstring bag with this ice cream design for more effortlessly sporty look.
  2. Sad whale picture, anyone? Cute yet sad whale printing can make your tote bag look undoubtedly cute as well. If you get a difficulty to make one of it, you can request your object to a local tote bag printing service. If you happen to make a common whale with its dark grey color, you can choose pale grey canvas bag as the base. For cuter idea, try making the whale look like it is holding a bucket as if it’s about to play sand in the beach. You can easily grab people’s attention with your ultra cute tote. If you do not prefer a common color of whale, you can mix some pastel colors like sky blue, tosca, and pale yellow. The other alternative design that you may take into account is a suntanning whale complete with the umbrella and a mat. Yes it looks weird, but it is cute and edgy so who doesn’t like it anyway?
  3. Just a beach view containing beach word as well. For so representing tote bag, you can have a tote bag printing with a real beach picture and one beach word on it. Add a retro, lomo, or vignette effect to your beach picture so that it will look more edgy. If you want to design or produce a drawstring bag, pick the string that has the same color with your canvas bag. Without telling any further, everyone knows that you are going to rock the sunny beach indeed.

Do not worry anymore about running out of ideas for your very own sunny beach tote bag as well as drawstring bag. The ideas mentioned above will be your brief guide on making one.