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Halloween Bags Ideas with Tote Bag or Drawstring Bags

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Halloween is getting near! Have you had your own stylish bag to use in this dark yet special occasion? Below are some tote bag printing ideas that you can take into account to boost up your Halloween. Pick the one that is suitable to your style and you are ready to steal everyone’s attention indeed.

Halloween Bags Printing Ideas

  1. A little girl with a cat. The first halloween tote bag idea is printed with the picture of a girl and a cat. This will be even better if it is printed on a canvas bag or a plain suede bag. Note that the girl and the cat picture must reflect a dark ambience, for example by coloring the girl’s skin with green color. For scarier experience, you can make her eyes look blank, soulless, all-white. The cats hugged by her must also represent same kind of eyes, you can even consider making it crimson red. With those on, grab the scariest yet most stylish tote bag ever.
  2. A word “boo” with a dominance of red and orange colors. If you happen to plan on making a black drawstring bag, you can try printing a word “BOO” in white color surrounded by the dominance of red and orange colors to bring out halloween atmosphere. Do not worry about printing a bright color on dark canvas bag as you can always ask a tote bag printing service to do this favor for you. Your base material may not stand out in the night but the BOO will steal quite some attention indeed.
  3. A hand of zombie doing a pose. Do you like halloween that is affiliated with zombie apocalypse? Try making a tote bag printing that has a picture of zombie hand doing a particular pose. You can try the peace pose, metal pose, okay pose, whatsoever that will meet your preference. Not only you will gain some acknowledgement due to your stylish choice of hand pose, you can also make the others envy your tote bag or drawstring bag.
  4. A mouse that can transform into a monster. Yes, some people do fear the cats. How about the ones that are able to transform into monsters? Those were even shocking. Try giving a tote bag printing to your canvas bag that consists of a picture of mouse altogether with its monster shadow.

With those mentioned tote bag ideas, worry no more of looking effortlessly stylish during the halloween. Halloween may look scary, but no one is stopping you from looking stylish.