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The Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Own a Tote Bag

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Many people especially the ladies need to own some types of bags. Some popular types are hand bag, drawstring bag, clutch bag, sling bag, backpack, tote bag, you name it. Tote bag, even though sometimes gets underrated can actually make you look more stylish. This article will list the reasons why everyone actually needs to own a tote bag.

Reasons Why You Need The Tote Bag

  1. It has so many variations. Even though the tote bag designs are generally the same, you can have the one that has different size and material from the others’. You can make yours as a canvas bag or suede bag, add a tote bag printing or embroider it, the choices are in your hands. If you happen to be crafty enough and like to make your own DIY (do-it-yourself) stuffs, you can sew it easily from any materials that you like. Look up for the procedures of sewing the drawstring bag online or from the book, follow it thoroughly and voila! You can have your very own tote bag.
  2. It can function as a fashion accessory. Who says that using a tote bag will make you look dull? Otherwise, the right design and righ material can make you look much more stylish and you can even rock any occasion. There are plenty of leather drawstring bags made by designer that can awe you easily because it just looks so glamorous. For a cute look, you can use canvas bag material instead and add the cute yet artsy tote bag printing. As for the printing, bring your plain bag to a printing service that will work it out for you. Also prepare the suitable prints beforehand.
  3. It can be a cool gift idea. Are you looking for a gift to give to your loved one in their special occasion? A suitable drawstring bag can really work. First of all, it can be useful as it has many uses so you may guarantee its longevity. Second, the tote bag especially the canvas bag one can substitute the use of plastic and paper bag. Your loved one may consider going on grocery shopping bringing their reusable canvas bag instead of plastic and paper bag.
  4. It has large size. Well, although not every tote bag is large, admit it that you can fit almost every little thing inside. If you are hanging out using your totes, worry no more of where to place your phone, big purse, headset, etc.

A good tip for choosing a tote bag is pick one tote bag printing, shape, and material that will suit your need. All in all, having at least one tote is a really great idea.


Halloween Bags Ideas with Tote Bag or Drawstring Bags

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Halloween is getting near! Have you had your own stylish bag to use in this dark yet special occasion? Below are some tote bag printing ideas that you can take into account to boost up your Halloween. Pick the one that is suitable to your style and you are ready to steal everyone’s attention indeed.

Halloween Bags Printing Ideas

  1. A little girl with a cat. The first halloween tote bag idea is printed with the picture of a girl and a cat. This will be even better if it is printed on a canvas bag or a plain suede bag. Note that the girl and the cat picture must reflect a dark ambience, for example by coloring the girl’s skin with green color. For scarier experience, you can make her eyes look blank, soulless, all-white. The cats hugged by her must also represent same kind of eyes, you can even consider making it crimson red. With those on, grab the scariest yet most stylish tote bag ever.
  2. A word “boo” with a dominance of red and orange colors. If you happen to plan on making a black drawstring bag, you can try printing a word “BOO” in white color surrounded by the dominance of red and orange colors to bring out halloween atmosphere. Do not worry about printing a bright color on dark canvas bag as you can always ask a tote bag printing service to do this favor for you. Your base material may not stand out in the night but the BOO will steal quite some attention indeed.
  3. A hand of zombie doing a pose. Do you like halloween that is affiliated with zombie apocalypse? Try making a tote bag printing that has a picture of zombie hand doing a particular pose. You can try the peace pose, metal pose, okay pose, whatsoever that will meet your preference. Not only you will gain some acknowledgement due to your stylish choice of hand pose, you can also make the others envy your tote bag or drawstring bag.
  4. A mouse that can transform into a monster. Yes, some people do fear the cats. How about the ones that are able to transform into monsters? Those were even shocking. Try giving a tote bag printing to your canvas bag that consists of a picture of mouse altogether with its monster shadow.

With those mentioned tote bag ideas, worry no more of looking effortlessly stylish during the halloween. Halloween may look scary, but no one is stopping you from looking stylish.


Fun Drawstring and Tote Bag Printing for Your Sunny Beach Day

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Are you looking forward to your holiday by the beach? Have not gotten any bag to look super stylish there yet? This article unveils several tote bag printing ideas that you can consider then choose one that fits your preferences. Do you dare enough to catch people’s attention in the crowded beach?

Drawstring and Tote Bag Printing Ideas for Your Sunny Beach Day

  1. One or two scoops of ice cream cone. You can look stylish and fresh with a tote bag that has ice cream printing on it. Whether it is one scoop, two scoops, or uncountable scoops, make the design so cheerful that people will be happy just by looking at your canvas bag. Try the swirling or spinning style background that has one pastel color and white color combined. You can also make the drawstring bag with this ice cream design for more effortlessly sporty look.
  2. Sad whale picture, anyone? Cute yet sad whale printing can make your tote bag look undoubtedly cute as well. If you get a difficulty to make one of it, you can request your object to a local tote bag printing service. If you happen to make a common whale with its dark grey color, you can choose pale grey canvas bag as the base. For cuter idea, try making the whale look like it is holding a bucket as if it’s about to play sand in the beach. You can easily grab people’s attention with your ultra cute tote. If you do not prefer a common color of whale, you can mix some pastel colors like sky blue, tosca, and pale yellow. The other alternative design that you may take into account is a suntanning whale complete with the umbrella and a mat. Yes it looks weird, but it is cute and edgy so who doesn’t like it anyway?
  3. Just a beach view containing beach word as well. For so representing tote bag, you can have a tote bag printing with a real beach picture and one beach word on it. Add a retro, lomo, or vignette effect to your beach picture so that it will look more edgy. If you want to design or produce a drawstring bag, pick the string that has the same color with your canvas bag. Without telling any further, everyone knows that you are going to rock the sunny beach indeed.

Do not worry anymore about running out of ideas for your very own sunny beach tote bag as well as drawstring bag. The ideas mentioned above will be your brief guide on making one.


Easter Tote Bag Printing that You Can Use Daily Fashionably

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Easter tote bag printing that you can use daily in a stylish way comes in a bunch of design ideas that are both cute and cool. Remember that the bag that can be durable to use for a longer time is a canvas bag and it is also environmentally friendly as well but you can still look fashionable when carrying it. No matter what you want to bring inside, either it is gardening tools, books, or some picnic stuff, a drawstring bag is always useful and here some tote bag design printing clues with Easter concept.

Coolest Easter Printing Designs

  • Rabbit’s Anatomy. The design can focus on a white rabbit that is drawn in a cartoon style in the center of the canvas bag. Then, there is an explanation one by one by having an arrow above the rabbit’s body part with the cute words that is funny and easy to understand, such as “cute face,” “bun booty,” and “stretched out listeners” and others for a better and more attractive tote bag.
  • 20 Various and Colorful Eggs for Easter. Another interesting design here is colorful Easter eggs that are arranged in five columns and four rows. The drawstring bag has a yellow background and there are twenty Easter eggs that come in different colors and patterns for each so they are all unique.
  • A Chicken Sketch. A tote bag printing design that is the simplest is the sketch of a chicken which is like being drawn with a pencil and it is only black and white with the background of tote bag using a yellow color.
  • Bunny Couple. The tote bag is so cute and attractive only with a bunny couple that seems being in love. The canvas bag in a green background with small polka dots and on the top of it which is also considered as the center image, there are two bunnies holding hands. The tote bag printing design is prettier with a love sign above them.
  • Easter Bunny with Petals. The drawstring bag designed in a brown or chocolate background with a bunny in the center surrounded by petals and clover leaves will totally be cute.
  • Easter Bunny Sketch. The canvas bag in a pink background can have an Easter bunny that is placed in the center with the bigger size.
  • Various Expressions. Another cutest tote bag printing design is nine rabbits having an egg-shaped body with different expression on each face, like smiling, angry, and so on.
  • Rabbit in a Cup. There is a white rabbit that appears from a blue cup and it only shows a half of its body from the side angle. It is another one of the cutest drawstring bag printing designs to consider.

5 Drawstring Bag Uses with Cool Print Design Clues

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

5 drawstring bag uses with cool print ideas are here to inspire; drawstring bags are known to be the best bag to use when summer comes, but they are actually suitable to wear whatever the activities, either it is indoor or outdoor. Based on our preference of style, our tote bag can be designed to meet our need. There are several brilliant tote bag printing design ideas that can be followed just in case there is no clue about the canvas bag printing idea appearing in mind.

5 Coolest Printing Designs, Great Ideas for Your Printing Bags

  • For Hiker. Nothing better than a lightweight tote bag to be carried along which is perfect when hiking to bring sunscreen, trail mix, a water bottle and other things required to take with. The canvas bag design printing that can be considered will include the starry sky at night that looks so quiet, stripes with botanical, as well as “Cabin Supply” words with the combination of a piece of wood and an axe that form “X” sign for the coolest drawstring bag design result.
  • For Fitness Guru. A canvas bag is perfect even for fitness gurus or people who love working out in a gym as a drawstring bag is very useful to contain a towel, a water bottle, clothes, and other things needed during workout. The standout tote bag printing design ideas that can be considered include a cute panda with a red headband just like Japanese people often wear, a pair of sneakers in which the left one has “You” word and the right one shows “Me” word, or an image of a bear weightlifting.
  • For Student. For students who diligently attend classes, the tote bag will really be useful to carry calculators, books, pencil case, and even laptop. The coolest tote bag printing designs that should be looked at include the motivational quotes “Dream Big Work Hard & Never Give Up,” The words I love donuts but the love sign is replaced with the doughnut image, and the concept of how hard the art is.
  • For Cyclist. A canvas bag for cyclists may be useful enough to store the helmet when having a break, jacket, or even some groceries after shopping in the market. The tote bag printing designs that may be inspiring enough are including a map with someone cycling image at its top, an image of pine tree bike, or a cycling go west image.
  • For Beach Holiday. It must be perfect to carry a tote bag when going to the beach in which the bag can carry towel, sunscreen, shades, books, and other things needed for beach holidays. The sea, pineapple, as well as the ocean image is included in the printing designs that can be used for the drawstring bag.