2 Main Ink Types for Digital Print Textile

2 Main Ink Types for Digital Print Textile

posted by Custom on September 19, 2016

Print textile digital can be easily found today. This service has many benefits you can get. You can get best quality result with high detail. It’s also lot cheaper and easier than other method to print. What makes them able to do that? The answer is the ink. The ink that they use to print on textile is different than the ink you usually use to print on paper, even though the printer type and technology is pretty much the same. Basically, there are two type of ink they use for textile printing.

Water Based Ink

This ink use water as the delivery media. Basically, the color or dyes are combined in water solution. Then this mixture will be used by the textile printer to print the image, text or design onto media, which is textile. To make the color or dye printed or glued into the fabric, the textile material needs to be dried out. There are many ways to do this. Usually, digital textile printing service uses the room temperature to dry the fabric. Or, in simplest way, they just left it in a room until it’s dry. However, there are also many business owners that use the special tools to make the drying process run faster. This way they can finish their customer order faster as well. This ink also usually used to print on the bigger size fabric, like banner.

Plastisol Ink

Unlike the water based ink, this ink doesn’t have any solvent to deliver the dye onto the fabric. This is solid ink. This ink use PVC material as its main material. The main different is the drying process. This ink need to be dried with heating machine that can reach specific temperature. Most of this ink can only be dried after it was heated until 160 degree Celsius to 200 degree Celsius.  

The great thing about this ink is it can be used several time. That means after you use it, if there is any left on container, you can keep it for later. The color won’t change and its quality also doesn’t decrease like other ink. This is also the reason why using this ink will save more money for business owner, although, they have to invest more on drying machine. Basically, those were two type of ink that you can find. If you want to start business or just want to use the service, you might need this information to get best digital print textile.