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Creative Cushion Cover Printing for Your Inspiration

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Creative cushion cover printing for your inspiration are discussed here so when you need some ideas to make a good design for the pillow case, especially for daily use as a room décor, you will find it attractive and appealing enough. The pillow designs won’t need to be overcrowded, but it is alright to have bold designs and colors to experiment. For a more inviting couch corner, the customized pillow is a décor solution.

Brilliant Designs for the Cushion Case

  • Repeated and Busy Patterns. It is actually a good taste to have pillow case that is designed with busy and repeated patterns because they are actually the simplest and effective; it is more stunning when put on a minimalist-concept room.
  • Floating Cloud. For a calming atmosphere in the room, the couch can be decorated with a simple pillow that has lazy cloud floating in a blue sky which is totally great.
  • Bossy Monster. It is a cute and creative design with the bold color as the background by combining green and orange and as the center of the customized pillow, there is a bossy monster.
  • Dramatic Design. The cushion cover can be designed with a person standing on a narrow cliff while holding a torch. While for its background, the pillow can have a dramatic blue color in brush stroke.
  • Cute Version of a Dino. For the adorable design, the pillow case can be made with a drawing of cute version of a little dinosaur; it is cuter if the background is filled with the right color.
  • Close-up Devil’s Head. The cushion cover that has a square shape can be filled with the devil’s head design that come close-up, but it should be ensured that the placement is perfect.
  • Love from the Bottle. The illustration of a woman in a glass bottle which is held by a boy has her hands to reach to cup a boy’s face can make the customized pillow more unique-looking.
  • Sailor’s Weary Face. Focus on the sailor’s face as the main pillow design so it must be in a big size and close-up so the design can really be popped.
  • Colorful Bohemian Woods. Geometric graphics are perfect for the pillow case design and it is more excellent with the bohemian woods that come in various colors combination.
  • Landscape and Text. A landscape will really be perfect for a cushion cover and to make it more complete and good-looking; the words of “Adventure Awaits” can be put on there with white lines.
  • Juxtapose Design. Imagery clashing is fun and here you can have a bird but have woman’s legs. It is kind of a masterpiece that has a nice subject, color and unique style of a customized pillow.