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How to Create Customized Pillow Design Creatively

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

How to create customized pillow design will be shared here to inspire you just in case you have interest to have a pillow with the nice, cool, or cute design cover. There is bunch of designs for the cushion cover that can be made with some main points highlighted here. It is the time to make your designs with the pillow case with the more creative

Hints to Customize Your Design for Pillows

  • Make the Composition Plan. It requires some thought and plans to make the design better by having a composition so the design look can appear more consistent. For every individual product, there is always composition scale that can be considered when it comes to polished designs of the cushion cover. That is why, it is important to have a check over the designs if they already fit when it is put on the template, the center and front of the pillow case.
  • Focus on the Structures, Geometric Designs, and Patterns. To make a great customized pillow, it must be fun to play around with the structures that come in different shapes, the designs that are geometric and creative pattern for each product. For the soft textile products, the hard-lined designs can be used and for an excellent pillow, the brand new outcome can be created by using the proper components. Simple tulips design, combination of Nordic, and Candyland imagination are included in the recommended pillow case designs.
  • Bold on the Center. Simple but bold design that can be put on the center of the cushion cover is a brilliant idea. However, to have the best result, everything should be detailed and estimated well by having scale and size that are right. Consider using centered designs that are made from texts for the pillow. The simple but motivating words, like “Think I Can” or the other cool words like “Stay Wild” and “Hello Gorgeous” are also perfect for your customized pillow.
  • Clash. Clashing can result a better and more creative design for the pillow case and about what to be mixed, it is better to consider using new effects, like fine-liner drawings or printed photographs. The textures use can be made unanticipated so the cushion cover can just appear luminously.
  • Particular Patterns. Another customized pillow design idea that is common but still often used is the patterns’ repetition that can give consoling and encouraging effects which come in a small scale. The example that can be taken here is the pineapple with its leafy bract replaced with some colorful strokes. Create an adorable repeated pineapple pattern for the cover of your pillow.