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The Best Popular Cushion Cover on Instagram

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Millions of pictures posted online on Instagram every second. No wonder this platform also contains so many pillow case and cushion cover ideas. This time, we will collect and describe several customized pillow ideas that have ever been posted on Instagram. You can consider one or more of those as your next pillow ideas. Afterwise, do not forget to also post it online to give the others some references as well.

Popular Cushion Cover Ideas on Instagram

  1. Food, food, and food. Who does not like food, especially the sinful yet pleasuring one? A user in Instagram posted her cushion cover that has an illustration of cheeseburger, cheesecake, and bacon altogether on it. The foods there look like they demonstrate over the healthy food. This is cute, funny, and will not make you get bored easily by looking at your pillow case constantly. You too can try red as the basic color of your customized pillow to give it more bold feeling of your love to food.
  2. Fruit shaped pillow. Do you happen to have a feminine bed cover with flowers printed on it? It can even be ultimately cuter by putting a fruit shaped pillow on top of it like one user on Instagram. She put an apple shaped pillow on top of her floral bed cover and voila! Nothing beats the pretty ambience of this room. Pick proper base color of the pillow that is the same as the color that dominates your bed cover. Mixing and matching is not a burden anymore. To get a fruit shaped customized pillow, you can simply visit a pillow designer in your city or look for it at one major supermarket near your residence.
  3. Cat with big eyes. Are you a cat lover? Try a pillow case that has a cat picture with its big eyes. You will always get the need of hugging your pillow just by looking at it. As for the base color, look for the one that fits your couch or your bed color just perfectly. If you do not like cats, try the other animals like a puppy with big eyes or a bear with big eyes. Whatever it is, when an animal shows its big beautiful eyes, no one in general can directly resist it.

Other than posting pictures online, you can also use your Instagram to look for any cushion cover ideas. Those mentioned above are a few examples that can be your inspiration.