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The Best Popular Cushion Cover on Instagram

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Millions of pictures posted online on Instagram every second. No wonder this platform also contains so many pillow case and cushion cover ideas. This time, we will collect and describe several customized pillow ideas that have ever been posted on Instagram. You can consider one or more of those as your next pillow ideas. Afterwise, do not forget to also post it online to give the others some references as well.

Popular Cushion Cover Ideas on Instagram

  1. Food, food, and food. Who does not like food, especially the sinful yet pleasuring one? A user in Instagram posted her cushion cover that has an illustration of cheeseburger, cheesecake, and bacon altogether on it. The foods there look like they demonstrate over the healthy food. This is cute, funny, and will not make you get bored easily by looking at your pillow case constantly. You too can try red as the basic color of your customized pillow to give it more bold feeling of your love to food.
  2. Fruit shaped pillow. Do you happen to have a feminine bed cover with flowers printed on it? It can even be ultimately cuter by putting a fruit shaped pillow on top of it like one user on Instagram. She put an apple shaped pillow on top of her floral bed cover and voila! Nothing beats the pretty ambience of this room. Pick proper base color of the pillow that is the same as the color that dominates your bed cover. Mixing and matching is not a burden anymore. To get a fruit shaped customized pillow, you can simply visit a pillow designer in your city or look for it at one major supermarket near your residence.
  3. Cat with big eyes. Are you a cat lover? Try a pillow case that has a cat picture with its big eyes. You will always get the need of hugging your pillow just by looking at it. As for the base color, look for the one that fits your couch or your bed color just perfectly. If you do not like cats, try the other animals like a puppy with big eyes or a bear with big eyes. Whatever it is, when an animal shows its big beautiful eyes, no one in general can directly resist it.

Other than posting pictures online, you can also use your Instagram to look for any cushion cover ideas. Those mentioned above are a few examples that can be your inspiration.


How to Create Customized Pillow Design Creatively

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

How to create customized pillow design will be shared here to inspire you just in case you have interest to have a pillow with the nice, cool, or cute design cover. There is bunch of designs for the cushion cover that can be made with some main points highlighted here. It is the time to make your designs with the pillow case with the more creative

Hints to Customize Your Design for Pillows

  • Make the Composition Plan. It requires some thought and plans to make the design better by having a composition so the design look can appear more consistent. For every individual product, there is always composition scale that can be considered when it comes to polished designs of the cushion cover. That is why, it is important to have a check over the designs if they already fit when it is put on the template, the center and front of the pillow case.
  • Focus on the Structures, Geometric Designs, and Patterns. To make a great customized pillow, it must be fun to play around with the structures that come in different shapes, the designs that are geometric and creative pattern for each product. For the soft textile products, the hard-lined designs can be used and for an excellent pillow, the brand new outcome can be created by using the proper components. Simple tulips design, combination of Nordic, and Candyland imagination are included in the recommended pillow case designs.
  • Bold on the Center. Simple but bold design that can be put on the center of the cushion cover is a brilliant idea. However, to have the best result, everything should be detailed and estimated well by having scale and size that are right. Consider using centered designs that are made from texts for the pillow. The simple but motivating words, like “Think I Can” or the other cool words like “Stay Wild” and “Hello Gorgeous” are also perfect for your customized pillow.
  • Clash. Clashing can result a better and more creative design for the pillow case and about what to be mixed, it is better to consider using new effects, like fine-liner drawings or printed photographs. The textures use can be made unanticipated so the cushion cover can just appear luminously.
  • Particular Patterns. Another customized pillow design idea that is common but still often used is the patterns’ repetition that can give consoling and encouraging effects which come in a small scale. The example that can be taken here is the pineapple with its leafy bract replaced with some colorful strokes. Create an adorable repeated pineapple pattern for the cover of your pillow.

Fluffy Animal Design Cushion Cover Ideas For You

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Do you agree that animals do look cute? Well if you do, this article will give the fluffy animal design cushion cover ideas that you can take into account on using. Whether you like puppies, kittens, llama, birds, deers, etc., you can actually print your very own customized pillow due to your preferences in some local pillow printing services.

Fluffy Animal Design Cushion Cover Ideas

  1. The deer with flower overlays combined. If you like romantic ambience of your fluffy pillow case, you may choose the deer instead. To add more romantic feeling, put a rose overlay on the deer picture and set the white or even ivory color as the base color of your cushion cover. This will fit just well if you have a couch with pastel color. However as the conclusion, there is no general constraint that can stop you from mixing and matching the pillow and couch color.
  2. Cute puppies. Are you teaming up with the other puppies lovers right now? Well, you can pick one race of the puppies as the design of your customized pillow. For better satisfaction, you may design your pet face as the printing of your pillow. Some dog race recommendations that can add more fluffy ambience to your pillow case is pug, pomeranian, samoyed, or even husky. As for this one, choose one color as the basic color of the pillow that will fit your couch just perfectly. You can also design the cute yet weird printing like sneezing puppy, bathing puppy, or laughing puppy.
  3. Cute smiling llama. Llama is cute. Smiling llama? Very cute indeed. Take this smiling llama as an idea of your fluffy pillow case and you will never get bored from looking at it. To get the clean feeling of cushion cover, you can pick llama that has white fur and pick the background color that will meet your preferences. Remember to be careful while choosing the base color as it can strengthen or just weaken the appearance of your couch and pillow altogether. For example, if you got the dark color like black as your couch color, pick sky blue color as the base color of your pillow and smiling llama picture on top of it. Not only you, the guests who pay a visit to your room may be happy as well just by looking at that contagious smile.

No more running out of ideas for making fluffy animal design as the cushion cover idea. You can create the other ideas of your own or simply follow the ideas mentioned above.


Creative Cushion Cover Printing for Your Inspiration

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Creative cushion cover printing for your inspiration are discussed here so when you need some ideas to make a good design for the pillow case, especially for daily use as a room décor, you will find it attractive and appealing enough. The pillow designs won’t need to be overcrowded, but it is alright to have bold designs and colors to experiment. For a more inviting couch corner, the customized pillow is a décor solution.

Brilliant Designs for the Cushion Case

  • Repeated and Busy Patterns. It is actually a good taste to have pillow case that is designed with busy and repeated patterns because they are actually the simplest and effective; it is more stunning when put on a minimalist-concept room.
  • Floating Cloud. For a calming atmosphere in the room, the couch can be decorated with a simple pillow that has lazy cloud floating in a blue sky which is totally great.
  • Bossy Monster. It is a cute and creative design with the bold color as the background by combining green and orange and as the center of the customized pillow, there is a bossy monster.
  • Dramatic Design. The cushion cover can be designed with a person standing on a narrow cliff while holding a torch. While for its background, the pillow can have a dramatic blue color in brush stroke.
  • Cute Version of a Dino. For the adorable design, the pillow case can be made with a drawing of cute version of a little dinosaur; it is cuter if the background is filled with the right color.
  • Close-up Devil’s Head. The cushion cover that has a square shape can be filled with the devil’s head design that come close-up, but it should be ensured that the placement is perfect.
  • Love from the Bottle. The illustration of a woman in a glass bottle which is held by a boy has her hands to reach to cup a boy’s face can make the customized pillow more unique-looking.
  • Sailor’s Weary Face. Focus on the sailor’s face as the main pillow design so it must be in a big size and close-up so the design can really be popped.
  • Colorful Bohemian Woods. Geometric graphics are perfect for the pillow case design and it is more excellent with the bohemian woods that come in various colors combination.
  • Landscape and Text. A landscape will really be perfect for a cushion cover and to make it more complete and good-looking; the words of “Adventure Awaits” can be put on there with white lines.
  • Juxtapose Design. Imagery clashing is fun and here you can have a bird but have woman’s legs. It is kind of a masterpiece that has a nice subject, color and unique style of a customized pillow.

Change Your Room Appearance with Customized Pillow

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

If you incidentally happen to get bored of your current room appearance, you can always change it. However, changing the overall interiors may cost high and take lots of your time. Have you tried changing just the pillow case instead? Here are several ways and tricks to change your overall room appearance just by replacing the cushion cover.

Start Changing Your Room Appearance and Atmosphere

  1. Space and galaxy ambience. Do you like watching the sky, planets, and everything related to galaxy as well as space? Change your room appearance into one with some space related customized pillows. Make the ones with pictures of an astronaut, some planets rotating, or even the beautiful yet colorful space phenomenon. The majority of the pillows may have dark color like black and dark blue as its base, so to make it distinctive it will fit just well to bright-colored couchs.
  2. Feminine and edgy grunge. If you have a feminine ambience of your room but plan on creating the grunge effect, you can try the sweet yet delightful grunge pillow case. Pick the ones that have feminine side as well like skull and flower so that the authentic feeling of your room appearance will not just disappear like that. Challenge yourself by using the bold colors like electric pink for your cushion cover. To get these kinds of pillow, you can submit your idea to a customized pillow designer and tell them a favor to make ones especially for you. However, this style can be easily found now in many local pillow stores.
  3. The sea related designs. Are you a kind of person who likes blue so much and happens to like the sea as well? Fortunately, there is a way to change your room appearance with sea related cushion cover. Use pale blue to dark blue as color variations to your planned pillow case with a Neptune picture or many kinds of fish picture printed on it. To make your room look more edgy, you may get a weird sea artwork as the customized pillow printing from some designers that are available for sales. To get a happy ambience from your pillow, you may consider on mixing the blue color with the other bright primary colors such as red and yellow. Be careful when choosing the pillow base colors that will fit your couch as it can be a bit challenging.

Choosing the proper pillow case that will change your room apperance may be a bit challenging, but it is not impossible to be done. The tips written above will help you.