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Dalam jangka waktu dekat kami akan Update Kenaikan Harga Terbaru 2017.


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Size (p x l) Material
Material of Esteraga Material of Krovica
XS(48x91cm) 130.000 140.000
S(50x92cm) 130.000 140.000
M(53x94cm) 130.000 140.000
L(56x96cm) 140.000 150.000
XL(59x97cm) 140.000 150.000

*Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside



Types of shiny satin with a diagonal texture

Material Specification :
  • Rather thick and not transparent
  • Stiff and not follow the shape of body
  • Shiny and bright colors
  • The texture is coarse and slippery


Shiny material with a cold impression

Material specifications :
  • Thickness
  • Texture not too stiff and follow the shape of body
  • Color glazed with a sparkling impression
  • Slippery
  • Soft texture

How to Order

  • For order fullprint, please download the pattern and choose the size that has been provided in dropdown list. ( make sure use the newest pattern from us).
  • You can put your image into a pattern that has been provided with photoshop software.
  • Save as your file with format JPEG then upload to your dropbox account
  • Next step you can process your order, click the "Order Now" button on the top right corner.
  • For fullprint order the file size is relative large, so you need photoshop and dropbox to send the pattern file to us.
  • If you have any question please contacts us at 081932880757 or email to .
  • Do not change the pattern, added, rotate or anything like that because it will effect the result of it. And we are not responsible for any different result.

  • Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside