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Top 5 Mini Skirts to Wear for Any Occasions

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Mini skirt does never get old and also never fails to awe our eyes with its capability on being mixed with so many fashion items. This kind of skirt that has been popular since the late 60s has many types and styles that you can choose do to your own preferences. If you have not known more any better about some types of the short skirt, this article will give you an enlightment.

Top Types of Mini Skirt That You Need to Know (or Even Have)

  1. Bubble mini skirt. The voluminous bubble mini skirt will go just well if you use it on a fall season. However, the printed skirt of this style will draw people’s attention immediately to your lower part of the body so matching it with the other fashion items may be a bit tricky. Try combining the skirt shorts with nude or black legging and dark colored boots. For more effortless look, try using a suitable barret with matching color as well.
  2. Ruffle mini skirt. This ruffle skirt is quite popular and you may just have one of it in your wardrobe. This mini skirt is simply described as the skirt with many ruffled layers or riffles. One tip on using it is, wear any simple casual item as your top, for example a plain white tee. If you keen to pull of an elegant look, wear this kind of skirt with smaller ruffles meanwhile for the fun and happy look, try the larger ruffles as your choice.
  3. Fitted mini skirt. If you are confident enough with your straight body shape, you may pull of a look with any fitted short skirt. Short skirt alone comes in some other variations like stretch tube skirt and pencil skirt. Combine the plain type of this skirt with any complex printed top to emphasize your top if you do not really feel comfortable of people looking at your skirt. Otherwise, you can have complex printing or styles of this skirt shorts if you are cmfortable enough. Choose the top that will fit just well.
  4. Pleated mini skirt. Pleated printed skirt can actually go just fine with most of the women. That means if you are comfortable enough, use your printed skirt with any basic colored top and you are ready to go.
  5. A-line mini skirt. A-line mini skirt may make you look like a schooler, however that does not mean that you can’t look elegant with this item. Try mixing the printed skirt of this item with your formal top wear.

With those informations told above, it is not a bad decision to have the top 5 mini skirts altogether in your wardrobe.


Tips to Wear Mini Skirt like Hollywood Celebrities

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Tips to wear mini skirt like a celebrity are a bunch and you can actually appear as dazzling as those celebrities if you are confident to show off the beautiful legs with the skirt. Take a look at several fabulous styles of skirt shorts that can give different looks, from the laid-back street to glamorous one and from leather skirts to printed skirt.

9 Styles of Short Skirt like Celebrity

  • Taylor Swift’s Chic School Girl. A mini skirt is not always identical with sexiness as you can see how Taylor Swift can still look fabulous in a modest way. For a cold winter season, it is perfect to combine the short skirt with thick tights, sweater, and oxford flats.
  • Selena Gomez’ Tonal Textures. The skirt worn by her has a rich texture but without leaving its simple silhouette and it becomes more perfect when she knows how to combine the skirt shorts. For a formal occasion, it is nice to look at her embroidered blouse.
  • Emmy Rossum’s Wrap Up. Emmy Rossum being elegant with the chartreuse mini skirt in a wrap-up style combined with a white top. It looks luxury and aesthetic at the same time; besides, the combination can sport her youthfulness.
  • Kendall Jenner’s Simplicity. The simple look with a short skirt can be obtained, just like how Kendall Jenner appears with her simple black bandage skirt. Her long legs are the best to show off here and she does not fail to impress people by wearing a pair of ballet flats.
  • Liv Tyler’s Flirty. She looks dazzling and sophisticated with the feathers embellished skirt shorts that can look good by getting paired with a sleek blazer. Feathers can look trendy if worn and paired with the right top.
  • Jennifer Lopez’ Glitziness. If it is usually printed skirt that has some glitzy effect, it is different what is worn by JLo. The skirt is simply glitzy and full of blinks making her look gorgeous.
  • Miranda Kerr’s Laid-Back. The leather black skirt that looks luxury and sexy can be combined with a faded t-shirt presenting a great street style that will grab people’s attention. Her short skirt and tee style is a combination between casual and fancy.
  • Leighton Meester’s Abs-Baring Ensemble. No matter it is printed skirt or other miniskirt styles; it can be made sexier by having long-sleeves top that can show your bare midriff, just like what is shown by Leighton Meester.
  • Brooklyn Decker’s Metallics. The tulip printed skirt that reaches the high waist and comes in metallic may be good on you as well. The silver-colored mini skirt is perfect, especially if you have the skirt shorts combined with the chambray button-down top that is casual.

Tips to Match Your Mini Skirt With Proper Earrings

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

You may never go wrong with mini skirt or any kinds of earrings standing alone. However, it can be so malicious to your overall look if you get a wrong combination of  short skirt and earrings. These are the tips and tricks of earrings and your printed skirt combination that you can take as some guides on using those two fashion items without looking weird at all.

Tips and Tricks on Matching Your Mini Skirt With Right Earrings

  1. Pick mini strong earrings for dressy occasion. Yes, you can use formal tiny skirt on a night dressy occasion. However, balance this out with simple yet strong earrings. For example, use the pearls that you may take from your grandma’s or mother’s jewelry box. Remember, for a formal look you should keep it as simple as possible. You can also use one color gemstone like sapphire blue if you do not wear any complex printed skirt with you to make you stand out more. With this kind of combination on, you are ready to steal the spotlight in a night occasion indeed!
  2. Choose mid-sized earrings for so feminine skirt. Frankly speaking, any kinds of earrings would go well if you wear flirty skirt to pull of an ultra chic look. To get more outstanding look, use the mid-sized earring with unique shape like teardrops or any other complex shapes. You can even use some longer than usual earrings to balance out your skirt shorts. Pick the color of those earrings that would go just well with your mini skirt. The other example to give you a reference: use triangle shaped white earrings when you wear a colorful floral short skirt.
  3. Use big sized earrings for any casual occasions. Do you dare enough to pull off a bold look with your mini skirt on any casual occasions? Well if you do, you may combine your mini skirt with any large sized earrings, especially if you want to show the free spirit of yours. Try the bohemian look by using your plain short skirt altogether with large hoop earrings and edgy bangles. You can pull of this look when hanging out with your friends. As for the beach style, try mixing your fun printed skirt with large colorful earrings made from imitated bird fur that will make the spotlight fully go to you.

Worry no more of mixing your skirt shorts with your earrings collection. Those above are some guides to match the items and you are ready to steal overall’s attention.


How to Make a Waistband for Printed Skirt by Sewing It Yourself

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

How to make a waistband for printed skirt practically is something that you can learn. It is a good thing that you are good at sewing and you have that skill, because you need to make the skirt pattern first. Once you have made the pattern for the skirt shorts, the fabric’s fold can be cut into 2, the mini skirt front and back. After you get the front and back, the side seams can simply be pinned. The side seams of short skirt can be stitched with a stitch that comes straight and finish it.

How to Make an Elastic Casing

You need to finish all skirt shorts seams and the zigzag stitch along with the seam can be opened on every side of the seam allowance and the edge can be zigzagged on or off, but during the zigzag process, that the skirt is not under the seam should be ensured. Then the short skirt seams can be pressed open.

  • To make the elastic casing, the top of the mini skirt should be folded under around ¼” seam allowance and the center can be stitched down.
  • The waistline part of the skirt should be folded again with ½ and 1 inches before pinned and pressed. Give 3” for the short skirt opening at the back so it can be known where the elastic should be put through and mark using a chalk where you should not sew.
  • The skirt shorts waistline can be stitched around and then the top part with the pressure foot so the casing can have a more pro-looking.
  • Have a measurement to your waistline and the elastic can just be cut with the same size for the printed skirt. The elastic can be put through the casing around the mini skirt’s top by using a safety pin. The other side might also need to be pinned so it does not come out easily.
  • The elastic can be stitched together by going back and forth before the short skirt can finally be tried on to check if the elastic is already okay and comfortable to wear. After you feel good, the opening must be stitched closed.


Last thing to do to make the printed skirt more perfect with elastic is by hemming it.

  • If it is needed, the skirt could be hemmed by cutting one inch below its line and the hem can be folded up around ¼” – ½” before pressed.
  • The hem of the skirt shorts can be folded up again and then the top stitching effect can be used to stitch.
  • About the pattern, the printed skirt can be printed with the patterns you like most and in the end, you have done well because the mini skirt is finally done.

5 Ways to Design Printed Skirt Both Modernly and Classically

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

5 ways to design your printed skirt can be checked out here for either classic or modern print based on your own preference of style. The things that should be noted about the pencil skirt are that it uses 18% Elastane with the waistband that is stretched and 82% polyester; front and back of mini skirt are filled with full print; and the artwork that is uploaded at 2502x2152 pixels.

5 Designs to Consider for the Short Skirt

  • Grid Layout. It will give a strong impression to the skirt design if using the graphics but those are arranged in a grid layout. The harmonious visual is what you can obtain from the printed skirt like this. The grid corals in red and white colors are simple but fabulous, while the various grid leaves are cool and stylish, and grid circle window with the various views seen from it can be considered as well for the skirt shorts structurally design.
  • Diagonal Lines. The asymmetrical look can be more enchanting for a short skirt which can be given by the diagonal lines that are made across its body. It is the most creative thing to make for a skirt and the design examples of skirt shorts you can take are like the lap for bicycle race, a beautiful evening sky with thousand stars, and a bunch of French bulldogs formed in a great wave.
  • Rule of Thirds. This is another unique way to design the mini skirt in which the guide lines are used so the intersection points and subject can be aligned. The horizon can be put on the bottom or top line of your skirt shorts and it is still pleasing to look at and it means that there will be three equal parts of an image without leaving out the main focus of the skirt. The simple cacti and two owls are perfect, or a couple watching staring at another earth can be designed on the printed skirt.
  • Horizontal Layers. Playing with layers that come in horizontal pattern is amazing for the short skirt. The examples that can be taken are the horizontally-arranged green leaves and a kitten that unravels the bottom diagonal line of the faux knit. The mini skirt can also be designed with diagonally-designed Aztec colorful pattern that comes in geometric.
  • “To Deceive the Eye” Technique. This way is well-known as Trompe L’oeil and this is one of the best methods to use for designing printed skirt. The surreal skull design might be perfect to show on the skirt shorts. Another example is the strawberry design that will look cute for sure in a short skirt. Or else, to be wilder, the tiger face can be made full on the mini skirt.