Best Varsity Jacket You Need This Fall Season

Best Varsity Jacket You Need This Fall Season

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

There is the best varsity jacket you need this fall season and you can choose the style that is the most suitable for you to wear. Varsities custom jacket is also one of the trendiest ones that you can try. Check out more printing jacket style ideas that you can have!


Check These Best Varsities for Fall!

  • Printed shell varsities. This printing jacket is awesome even when you simply pair the jacket with the chinos and a t-shirt so that the collegiate style can be created. This custom jacket is mostly recommended because it is for a casual look; it is sophisticated but it is still worth considering as a streetwear, especially if this hoodie is combined with a tie and dress shirt.
  • Leather-trimmed varsities. The wool varsities jacket in leather trim is good to be worn when fall season is coming because the contemporary styling is able to be represented through this jacket rather than wearing a sweater alone. The hoodie can look good when you combine them with tailored trousers and a dress shirt that is more suitable to be put on when you are going to go for a business meeting.
  • Retro leather-sleeved varsities. These hoodies are the best when you try mixing and matching them with the denim that comes distressed and cuffed. With this custom jacket combination, the attire is more recommended for the off-duty weekend. You may also consider wearing crewneck to be paired with this hoodie, but since it is a retro style, you can also match the printing jacket varsities with a pair of tailored pants in black.
  • Stadium jacket. These hoodies are perfect when the working hours are already over and you are going to go for a happy hour. The tie can simply be tossed and your collar’s upper buttons can be unbuttoned, or you can try combining the jacket with the crewneck for a more relaxed appearance.
  • Classic varsities. Classic jacket printing varsities is one of the best choices, especially for you who like wearing a style of slim-fit body. You may try to mix with your sweater. The entire standard varsity flair will be provided by the hem, cuffs, a knit collar that is ribbed, slash pockets with leather trim, and the buttons in snap-front.

No matter it is a jacket printing or sweater or other types of jackets, when you correctly style them based on the events, it will look cool for sure. For your coolest fall fashion, it is all about the previously mentioned varsity styles or hoodies that can still even be matched with a crewneck.