Cool Looking Varsity Jacket Style You Can Try

Cool Looking Varsity Jacket Style You Can Try

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

Cool looking varsity jacket style you can try is varied and it is more attractive if what you wear is custom jacket. Both men and women can pull on the printing jacket, like the classic design that is coolly designed with the contrast leather sleeves and boiled wool body. We will take a look at some great samples of cool sweater and even jackets in hoodie type. Everyone seems able to look good on hoodies so nothing is wrong to check out some recommended style ideas.


Jacket Styles Ideas for Men and Women

There is a bunch of ideas when it comes to crewneck or other jacket printing. For women, you can try these styles of varsity jacket.

  • Baseball jacket is able to be matched with patterned shirt and a pair of jeans.
  • Baseball custom jacket is great when you pair it with a plain tank top and leggings which is simple but still trendy.
  • Baseball jacket can also be combined with a polo shirt just like how you usually wear your sweater or hoodie and it is more stylish with a pair of skinny jeans.
  • Hoodies can also be tried to be mated to your t-shirt and for the bottom, you can have a pair of leather pants that will make your look perfect. While for men who are mostly falling for crewneck type of jacket will look even better and great when trying cool-looking varsity.
  • Combination between the brown leather sleeves and a navy wool body is really perfect. The printing jacket can also be paired with a white shirt with tie and suit trousers, while the footwear is good with the brown leather boots.
  • The edgy look can be obtained with the jacket printing style that comes with the design that is considered as the more “downtown” one but less “colligiate”. The custom jacket will be good if combined with the t-shirt in black color and scoop-neck style, while the bottom is a pair of grey jeans.
  • The vintage look is okay with the printing jacket being paired with a denim shirt, brown wingtips and chinos in khaki color. This is a perfect casual style that you will love.

No matters you are a man or woman, varsities are great for both; you can even try combining sweater with varsities, or even your crewneck. Are you ready for shopping more hoodies after taking a look at those style ideas? It is the time to play with hoodie by mixing and matching them along with jacket printing.