Tips on How to Wear Hoodie in Stylish Ways

Tips on How to Wear Hoodie in Stylish Ways

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

You may have so many kinds of jackets in your wardrobe. Hoodie, sweater, varsity, crewneck jacket, you name it. This article mainly talks about several ways you can conduct to look best with your hoodies, it is easy and worh it to follow indeed.


How to Wear Your Hoodie in Stylish Ways

  1. Mix the Monochrome Colors. Black and white can be mentioned as two safe colors for looking good. However, to not look shabby and boring, this is the tip you can follow. Combine your white or black hoodie with colorful sneakers or just plain sneakers that you put in your shoe shelf. You can also add a grey beanie to add up the playful value from your style. Other than combining beanie with a monochrome hoodies, you can also wear monochrome sweater as an alternative. You will look fresh and stylish in no time, effortlessly.
  2. Make it Look Like a Waistcoat. This tip can be applied to your hoodie as well as your varsity, if you prefer using the varsity one. To pull of this look, pick a neutral color (like grey and black) of hoodies and layer it over a collared shirt or sweater. Make it so it looks like a waist coat that is cotton-made. If you like to add some chinos, it will also boost your appearance point in no time.
  3. Make a Formfitting Shape. You know your body size best, so choose the jacket that fits your body just perfectly. Make the drape and fit of the hoodie looks slim on you to get your possible best appearance. To emphasize your choice of style, make your custom jacket by bringing it to printing jacket service. They will advise the best style or prints that will fit you if you are going to use it perfectly. For some inspirations, you can look up the hoodie style from many men’s magazine or just surf around in any fashion website or blogs.
  4. Look to Hybrids. You may want to make your jacket or sweater to look so dandy. With this, we recommend you the dapper hoodies to pull of the hybrids style. Many fashion lines provide this item already that you can choose the style to your own pleasure. However, if you do not like the prints it provides, you can always make it your custom jacket by bringing the plain one to your local printing jacket service.

The conclusion is, you will look much better and more stylish by wearing your hoodie these ways. Do not forget, self-confidence is still the main point.