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Why We Should Wear Hoodies for Daily Fashion Style

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

You need to know about reason why we should wear hoodies for a fashionable look. Not all men will consider this fashion style as a good one because some of them would think that this hoodie might give a childish impression and the custom jacket is even less manly. However, you can see how many men look comfortable when wearing those kinds of jackets. To know better why the jacket should be worn, especially the printing jacket, here several reasons to figure out.


Advantages of Wearing Trendy Jackets

  • Stylish. Although varsity is trending lately, you can still considering wearing a hoodie because it is as stylish and fashionable as varsities, along with sweater and other clothes that can look good on you while making you to feel warm, like a crewneck. This is the simplest style that you can try because whatever the color, you can always pair them with a pair of denim for the bottom. Also there are various printing designs just like what you find in jacket printing Singapore. Hoodies are also great when being combined with the trench coat, especially if yours are bulky. These jackets can also be worn with leather jackets or other types as well.
  • Versatile. Just in case you are looking for a jacket that does look like a sweater that can appears not too sporty, there is a hoodie that can serve what you need. This kind of custom jacket can be mixed and matched with anything, including chinos, khakis and jeans. The printing jacket is better to be worn and even any shoes can be paired with them, such as boating shoes and sneakers. The versatility is proven through the combination; even when you get the versatile jacket printing Singapore, you can easily use them when you long for looks transition.
  • Comfortable. Varsity is always comfortable because it seems like you have a blanket wrapping your body so you can feel warm. You may think of crewneck as well when it comes to style and comfort, even some hoodies are designed to allow the wearers to have headphones without having to worry about they can fall off. It would be great if you can do jogging or other sports with the custom jacket like that.
  • Warm. Warmth can be sent to all over your body by the right printing jacket, so it is not only about being stylish or comfortable, the jackets, even like sweater and crewneck will make you feel warm for sure. If you like traveling, it is always good to rely on the jacket printing Singapore to have your own jacket to be put on when you feel cold.

Tips on How to Wear Hoodie in Stylish Ways

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

You may have so many kinds of jackets in your wardrobe. Hoodie, sweater, varsity, crewneck jacket, you name it. This article mainly talks about several ways you can conduct to look best with your hoodies, it is easy and worh it to follow indeed.


How to Wear Your Hoodie in Stylish Ways

  1. Mix the Monochrome Colors. Black and white can be mentioned as two safe colors for looking good. However, to not look shabby and boring, this is the tip you can follow. Combine your white or black hoodie with colorful sneakers or just plain sneakers that you put in your shoe shelf. You can also add a grey beanie to add up the playful value from your style. Other than combining beanie with a monochrome hoodies, you can also wear monochrome sweater as an alternative. You will look fresh and stylish in no time, effortlessly.
  2. Make it Look Like a Waistcoat. This tip can be applied to your hoodie as well as your varsity, if you prefer using the varsity one. To pull of this look, pick a neutral color (like grey and black) of hoodies and layer it over a collared shirt or sweater. Make it so it looks like a waist coat that is cotton-made. If you like to add some chinos, it will also boost your appearance point in no time.
  3. Make a Formfitting Shape. You know your body size best, so choose the jacket that fits your body just perfectly. Make the drape and fit of the hoodie looks slim on you to get your possible best appearance. To emphasize your choice of style, make your custom jacket by bringing it to printing jacket service. They will advise the best style or prints that will fit you if you are going to use it perfectly. For some inspirations, you can look up the hoodie style from many men’s magazine or just surf around in any fashion website or blogs.
  4. Look to Hybrids. You may want to make your jacket or sweater to look so dandy. With this, we recommend you the dapper hoodies to pull of the hybrids style. Many fashion lines provide this item already that you can choose the style to your own pleasure. However, if you do not like the prints it provides, you can always make it your custom jacket by bringing the plain one to your local printing jacket service.

The conclusion is, you will look much better and more stylish by wearing your hoodie these ways. Do not forget, self-confidence is still the main point.


How to Get Well-Printed Varsity Custom Jacket

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

Varsity is used by many people to pull of a cool and sporty style, especially by the teens and young adults. It is actually an authentic item of baseball players that are adopted as casual fashion item. If you are considering to make a varsity from a printing jacket service or deciding to make a custom jacket, here are the steps you may need to follow to turn it into a successful one.


Get The Well-Printed Varsity and Other Type of Jacket on Your Hand

  1. First, decide the style and the size of hoodie, varsity, or sweater that you want. You can design your custom jacket on your own or by asking help to your friend who is in charge of design. The other alternative is by asking a jacket designer to do this duty for you. Detail the features you want to exist from your hoodies, for example if you want a crewneck from your jacket, tell the designer that you want a crewneck. You can also choose the color for the jacket based on your school authentic color or just buy the plain one to be printed later by a printing jacket service.
  2. After choosing suitable plain varsity or jacket with the color you prefer, take the jacket to a printing jacket service. If you happen to be residing in right now, you can bring the jacket to a well-known jacket printing service. Have your plain jacket or hoodie embroidered with the letters that you want, for example, your school and the year you graduate. The embroidered name of the school will usually come on the backside of your hoodies meanwhile the year you graduate is usually written on the sleeve of the hoodie. Do not worry if you dislike it that way because it is customiazable since the name itself is a custom jacket. If you are making this varsity with your friends or to be a gank’s identitiy, ask for their preferences first.
  3. Besides adding the letters, you can also put a patch or a badge that is related to you on your sweater, hoodie, jacket, or varsity. These patches or badges are usually sewed on the sleeve. If you have not decided the design of patches you want for your jacket, you can ask a jacket printing service to do that, with extra payment. The overall process usually lasts for more than a week depended on which service you choose. But once it is completely made, there is a unique pride you will feel in you.

All in all, if you want your varsity, jacket, or sweater to be the way you want it to be, detail your preferences to the designer before buying the jacket and before printing it as well. It sometimes depends the most on printing.


Cool Looking Varsity Jacket Style You Can Try

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

Cool looking varsity jacket style you can try is varied and it is more attractive if what you wear is custom jacket. Both men and women can pull on the printing jacket, like the classic design that is coolly designed with the contrast leather sleeves and boiled wool body. We will take a look at some great samples of cool sweater and even jackets in hoodie type. Everyone seems able to look good on hoodies so nothing is wrong to check out some recommended style ideas.


Jacket Styles Ideas for Men and Women

There is a bunch of ideas when it comes to crewneck or other jacket printing. For women, you can try these styles of varsity jacket.

  • Baseball jacket is able to be matched with patterned shirt and a pair of jeans.
  • Baseball custom jacket is great when you pair it with a plain tank top and leggings which is simple but still trendy.
  • Baseball jacket can also be combined with a polo shirt just like how you usually wear your sweater or hoodie and it is more stylish with a pair of skinny jeans.
  • Hoodies can also be tried to be mated to your t-shirt and for the bottom, you can have a pair of leather pants that will make your look perfect. While for men who are mostly falling for crewneck type of jacket will look even better and great when trying cool-looking varsity.
  • Combination between the brown leather sleeves and a navy wool body is really perfect. The printing jacket can also be paired with a white shirt with tie and suit trousers, while the footwear is good with the brown leather boots.
  • The edgy look can be obtained with the jacket printing style that comes with the design that is considered as the more “downtown” one but less “colligiate”. The custom jacket will be good if combined with the t-shirt in black color and scoop-neck style, while the bottom is a pair of grey jeans.
  • The vintage look is okay with the printing jacket being paired with a denim shirt, brown wingtips and chinos in khaki color. This is a perfect casual style that you will love.

No matters you are a man or woman, varsities are great for both; you can even try combining sweater with varsities, or even your crewneck. Are you ready for shopping more hoodies after taking a look at those style ideas? It is the time to play with hoodie by mixing and matching them along with jacket printing.


Best Varsity Jacket You Need This Fall Season

posted by Custom on September 9, 2016

There is the best varsity jacket you need this fall season and you can choose the style that is the most suitable for you to wear. Varsities custom jacket is also one of the trendiest ones that you can try. Check out more printing jacket style ideas that you can have!


Check These Best Varsities for Fall!

  • Printed shell varsities. This printing jacket is awesome even when you simply pair the jacket with the chinos and a t-shirt so that the collegiate style can be created. This custom jacket is mostly recommended because it is for a casual look; it is sophisticated but it is still worth considering as a streetwear, especially if this hoodie is combined with a tie and dress shirt.
  • Leather-trimmed varsities. The wool varsities jacket in leather trim is good to be worn when fall season is coming because the contemporary styling is able to be represented through this jacket rather than wearing a sweater alone. The hoodie can look good when you combine them with tailored trousers and a dress shirt that is more suitable to be put on when you are going to go for a business meeting.
  • Retro leather-sleeved varsities. These hoodies are the best when you try mixing and matching them with the denim that comes distressed and cuffed. With this custom jacket combination, the attire is more recommended for the off-duty weekend. You may also consider wearing crewneck to be paired with this hoodie, but since it is a retro style, you can also match the printing jacket varsities with a pair of tailored pants in black.
  • Stadium jacket. These hoodies are perfect when the working hours are already over and you are going to go for a happy hour. The tie can simply be tossed and your collar’s upper buttons can be unbuttoned, or you can try combining the jacket with the crewneck for a more relaxed appearance.
  • Classic varsities. Classic jacket printing varsities is one of the best choices, especially for you who like wearing a style of slim-fit body. You may try to mix with your sweater. The entire standard varsity flair will be provided by the hem, cuffs, a knit collar that is ribbed, slash pockets with leather trim, and the buttons in snap-front.

No matter it is a jacket printing or sweater or other types of jackets, when you correctly style them based on the events, it will look cool for sure. For your coolest fall fashion, it is all about the previously mentioned varsity styles or hoodies that can still even be matched with a crewneck.