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The Benefits of Digital Print Textile Service

posted by Custom on September 19, 2016

Print textile digital service is one of the most useful services you can find today. If you have a business or company, and you need to make banner or ads, they will be the best help you can get. Why you should use their service? Actually, there are several benefits you can get from using digital textile printing service.

The Result

First is of course the result. If you compare it with conventional service, the digital printing service can produce much better result. The companies that provide the service use the specific software to create the design. More than that, there is also software that will adjust the right amount of color that will be printed on the fabric you choose. Plus, the printer that they use will be able to create very detail image, text or any design that you want. This is useful, if you want to get the result that can attract your customer.

The Process

The process is also easier and faster. You just need to submit your design to the company that provides this service. Then, you need to choose the fabric and they will print it for you. Or, you also can use the design service that they provide. Many digital textile printing services also provide this design service, and usually they are included into one package. That means you can save more money.

Many digital textiles printing service is also available online. Therefore, you can save your time to order. Usually, these online digital textile printing company also provide the tool to make your own design. So, you just need to make it on your computer, send it online, make payment and after your order finished, it will be delivered to your place. It’s easy.

The Cost

Talking about the cost, you can get it lot of cheaper. You can get this because the process is easier. Therefore, the company that provides it doesn’t need too much resource to finish your order.

The Media

The digital textile printing service is basically available for many different media. You can order any design to print on nylon, polyester, cotton, vinyl and many other fabric. Usually, a digital textile printing can also provide the media, so, it will be much easier. So, with many benefits you can get from the digital textile printing service, it is good idea, if you depend on this service, whenever you need to print textile.


5 Different Type of Ink in Print Textile Industry

posted by Custom on September 19, 2016

Print textile industry has grown and developed into more advance industry. You can find many of business today use the digital method to print the design on the fabric. They use wide-format printers to make it easier and create better result. However, it’s still the same with other printing method. This textile printing business also uses many different inks for many different fabrics. Here are some of them.

Acid Dye Inks

This ink is specially made to use for printing on animal protein fibers. For example, if you want to print on wool, silk and other similar material, you use it. This ink is made of acetic acid or citric acid, which both of them are organic material. However, the acid dye like this can be dangerous, because it has toxic property. Therefore, if you want to use it, you need to be careful.

Disperse Dyes

This is the opposite of Acid Dye ink. This ink is used to print on synthetic fibers. For example, you can use it for acrylic fiber, polyester or nylon, which usually use for many purpose, especially outdoor purpose. The disperse dyes use the dispersing agent to place the color on the fabric. And, to finish the process, the high temperature is needed.

Pigmented Textile Inks

This ink usually used on cotton fabric. The ink is the best choice, because it’s very durable and last longer. The weakness of this ink is the detail and sharpness. If you compare it with dye ink, the pigmented textile ink isn’t as good as dye ink. However, there are many latest pigmented textile ink product today that has almost similar quality like dye inks, thanks to very developed textile printing technology.

Reactive Dye Inks

This ink is used for plant-based fabrics printing. For example, you can find it used on cotton or linen fabric. To finish the printing process, the heat is needed. The heat will make the ink not only dry, but also release the color.

UV-Curable Textile Inks

Like its name, the finishing process for textile printing using this ink uses the UV Light. The UV light will be used to reveal the real color of the ink. More than that, by using this finishing method, the printing result won’t release dangerous substance into environment. This ink also can be used to many different fabrics. The ease of the usage of this ink also make this printer ink is used on most of print textile.


2 Main Ink Types for Digital Print Textile

posted by Custom on September 19, 2016

Print textile digital can be easily found today. This service has many benefits you can get. You can get best quality result with high detail. It’s also lot cheaper and easier than other method to print. What makes them able to do that? The answer is the ink. The ink that they use to print on textile is different than the ink you usually use to print on paper, even though the printer type and technology is pretty much the same. Basically, there are two type of ink they use for textile printing.

Water Based Ink

This ink use water as the delivery media. Basically, the color or dyes are combined in water solution. Then this mixture will be used by the textile printer to print the image, text or design onto media, which is textile. To make the color or dye printed or glued into the fabric, the textile material needs to be dried out. There are many ways to do this. Usually, digital textile printing service uses the room temperature to dry the fabric. Or, in simplest way, they just left it in a room until it’s dry. However, there are also many business owners that use the special tools to make the drying process run faster. This way they can finish their customer order faster as well. This ink also usually used to print on the bigger size fabric, like banner.

Plastisol Ink

Unlike the water based ink, this ink doesn’t have any solvent to deliver the dye onto the fabric. This is solid ink. This ink use PVC material as its main material. The main different is the drying process. This ink need to be dried with heating machine that can reach specific temperature. Most of this ink can only be dried after it was heated until 160 degree Celsius to 200 degree Celsius.  

The great thing about this ink is it can be used several time. That means after you use it, if there is any left on container, you can keep it for later. The color won’t change and its quality also doesn’t decrease like other ink. This is also the reason why using this ink will save more money for business owner, although, they have to invest more on drying machine. Basically, those were two type of ink that you can find. If you want to start business or just want to use the service, you might need this information to get best digital print textile.


What You Should Know about DTG Print Textile Method

posted by Custom on September 19, 2016

Print textile industry can be said as the new industry. People used to use dye sublimation technique to print image or text on fabric. However, this method requires too much resource, money and time, which isn’t effective. Then, DTG printing came up to the surface.

What’s DTG Printing?

The DTG or Direct to Garment is the printing method that, like its name, uses the direct method to print image onto media, in this case the fabric media. This printing method use similar inject printer like you usually use for printing on paper. However, the printer has been modified, plus the ink itself uses specific formula that is suitable for textile printing.

DTG also is pretty much different than conventional dye sublimation textile printing and heat transfer printing. Like its name, DTG doesn’t need extra media to print image on textile. Those two previous methods need other media like paper and place it on textile. Then, it will be heated and pressed to move the image from the media.

The Benefits

If you compare DTG printing with the heat transfer or dye sublimation textile printing, the DTG is definitely easier and flexible. The heat transfer or dye sublimation textile printing can only be used on specific textile material, which is the poly fabric, like polyester and nylon. Unfortunately, this fabric isn’t ideal fabric for many usages, such as banner. Plus, with the global warming issue make the textile printing business need to change their business concept with the more environmentally friendlier concept. This is where natural textile takes big role. And, the printing method that can be used on this natural textile is the DTG printing method.

The other benefit is the detail of the image or design that was printed on the media. It’s much better than dye method. This is reasonable, because the DTG use the software to produce the image like what you want. This software, which is called RIP (Raster Image Processor) also can make the printer use multiple ink on the textile, which make the color looks sharper and realistic.  

The problem is the money you need to spend to buy the equipment, if you have DTG printing business. It’s much bigger than the conventional method. However, if you see it as investment and look at it from effective production point of view, we can say this printing business is worth to try this method of print textile.


Why Print Textile Business is Good Choice for You?

posted by Custom on September 19, 2016

Print textile is said to be one of promising business today. The service that provided by this business basically is digital printing by using the textile material as the printing media. Most of people love this printing media. For those who want to make a banner or sign for event, will choose this service. The main reason is the price. It’s much cheaper than using vinyl printing. But, that’s not only the reason, why textile is way better than other similar media.


The main reason is its versatility. Textile material can be used in many ways. You can cut, stretch it and many other methods to create any shape like what customer want. Because of this reason, customer also has freedom to decide the best design for their product. And, you as the textile printing business provider can fulfill their wish easier.


Textile is much durable. Therefore, it doesn’t affect too much by weather, which means you can use it indoor or outdoor. However, if you want high durability like this, the printing process must use the pigment-based and formulated ink. This ink will be able to last longer against many factors that can damage it.


Textile or fabric is easy to use. You can carry it around, because it has lightweight. If you compare it with wood, vinyl or other material, textile is definitely the lightest. This isn’t only great property for customer. As business owner, these advantages will make you easier to deliver it to your customer. That means you can carry more order to send, which also save your time and money. That is good for business.

Environment Friendlier

Textile is also sustainable. The main material to produce the textile can be easily recycled. The textile production also doesn’t produce too much pollution like other material, such as vinyl or paper. Vinyl and paper also need years to reproduce the material.

It’s More Interesting

The texture of fabrics also creates a unique image that you can’t find on other material. It’s more artistic. This is also great thing, if you are business owner. You can create design that isn’t only satisfying your customer, but also beautiful.

Basically, textile printing service is great choice. As customer, you have many options you can get to create a great banner, sign and many more. And, as business owner, you are in good track for great success in the future with the print textile.