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5 Ways to Design Printed Skirt Both Modernly and Classically

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

5 ways to design your printed skirt can be checked out here for either classic or modern print based on your own preference of style. The things that should be noted about the pencil skirt are that it uses 18% Elastane with the waistband that is stretched and 82% polyester; front and back of mini skirt are filled with full print; and the artwork that is uploaded at 2502x2152 pixels.

5 Designs to Consider for the Short Skirt

  • Grid Layout. It will give a strong impression to the skirt design if using the graphics but those are arranged in a grid layout. The harmonious visual is what you can obtain from the printed skirt like this. The grid corals in red and white colors are simple but fabulous, while the various grid leaves are cool and stylish, and grid circle window with the various views seen from it can be considered as well for the skirt shorts structurally design.
  • Diagonal Lines. The asymmetrical look can be more enchanting for a short skirt which can be given by the diagonal lines that are made across its body. It is the most creative thing to make for a skirt and the design examples of skirt shorts you can take are like the lap for bicycle race, a beautiful evening sky with thousand stars, and a bunch of French bulldogs formed in a great wave.
  • Rule of Thirds. This is another unique way to design the mini skirt in which the guide lines are used so the intersection points and subject can be aligned. The horizon can be put on the bottom or top line of your skirt shorts and it is still pleasing to look at and it means that there will be three equal parts of an image without leaving out the main focus of the skirt. The simple cacti and two owls are perfect, or a couple watching staring at another earth can be designed on the printed skirt.
  • Horizontal Layers. Playing with layers that come in horizontal pattern is amazing for the short skirt. The examples that can be taken are the horizontally-arranged green leaves and a kitten that unravels the bottom diagonal line of the faux knit. The mini skirt can also be designed with diagonally-designed Aztec colorful pattern that comes in geometric.
  • “To Deceive the Eye” Technique. This way is well-known as Trompe L’oeil and this is one of the best methods to use for designing printed skirt. The surreal skull design might be perfect to show on the skirt shorts. Another example is the strawberry design that will look cute for sure in a short skirt. Or else, to be wilder, the tiger face can be made full on the mini skirt.