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How to Make a Waistband for Printed Skirt by Sewing It Yourself

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

How to make a waistband for printed skirt practically is something that you can learn. It is a good thing that you are good at sewing and you have that skill, because you need to make the skirt pattern first. Once you have made the pattern for the skirt shorts, the fabric’s fold can be cut into 2, the mini skirt front and back. After you get the front and back, the side seams can simply be pinned. The side seams of short skirt can be stitched with a stitch that comes straight and finish it.

How to Make an Elastic Casing

You need to finish all skirt shorts seams and the zigzag stitch along with the seam can be opened on every side of the seam allowance and the edge can be zigzagged on or off, but during the zigzag process, that the skirt is not under the seam should be ensured. Then the short skirt seams can be pressed open.

  • To make the elastic casing, the top of the mini skirt should be folded under around ¼” seam allowance and the center can be stitched down.
  • The waistline part of the skirt should be folded again with ½ and 1 inches before pinned and pressed. Give 3” for the short skirt opening at the back so it can be known where the elastic should be put through and mark using a chalk where you should not sew.
  • The skirt shorts waistline can be stitched around and then the top part with the pressure foot so the casing can have a more pro-looking.
  • Have a measurement to your waistline and the elastic can just be cut with the same size for the printed skirt. The elastic can be put through the casing around the mini skirt’s top by using a safety pin. The other side might also need to be pinned so it does not come out easily.
  • The elastic can be stitched together by going back and forth before the short skirt can finally be tried on to check if the elastic is already okay and comfortable to wear. After you feel good, the opening must be stitched closed.


Last thing to do to make the printed skirt more perfect with elastic is by hemming it.

  • If it is needed, the skirt could be hemmed by cutting one inch below its line and the hem can be folded up around ¼” – ½” before pressed.
  • The hem of the skirt shorts can be folded up again and then the top stitching effect can be used to stitch.
  • About the pattern, the printed skirt can be printed with the patterns you like most and in the end, you have done well because the mini skirt is finally done.