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Tips to Match Your Mini Skirt With Proper Earrings

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

You may never go wrong with mini skirt or any kinds of earrings standing alone. However, it can be so malicious to your overall look if you get a wrong combination of  short skirt and earrings. These are the tips and tricks of earrings and your printed skirt combination that you can take as some guides on using those two fashion items without looking weird at all.

Tips and Tricks on Matching Your Mini Skirt With Right Earrings

  1. Pick mini strong earrings for dressy occasion. Yes, you can use formal tiny skirt on a night dressy occasion. However, balance this out with simple yet strong earrings. For example, use the pearls that you may take from your grandma’s or mother’s jewelry box. Remember, for a formal look you should keep it as simple as possible. You can also use one color gemstone like sapphire blue if you do not wear any complex printed skirt with you to make you stand out more. With this kind of combination on, you are ready to steal the spotlight in a night occasion indeed!
  2. Choose mid-sized earrings for so feminine skirt. Frankly speaking, any kinds of earrings would go well if you wear flirty skirt to pull of an ultra chic look. To get more outstanding look, use the mid-sized earring with unique shape like teardrops or any other complex shapes. You can even use some longer than usual earrings to balance out your skirt shorts. Pick the color of those earrings that would go just well with your mini skirt. The other example to give you a reference: use triangle shaped white earrings when you wear a colorful floral short skirt.
  3. Use big sized earrings for any casual occasions. Do you dare enough to pull off a bold look with your mini skirt on any casual occasions? Well if you do, you may combine your mini skirt with any large sized earrings, especially if you want to show the free spirit of yours. Try the bohemian look by using your plain short skirt altogether with large hoop earrings and edgy bangles. You can pull of this look when hanging out with your friends. As for the beach style, try mixing your fun printed skirt with large colorful earrings made from imitated bird fur that will make the spotlight fully go to you.

Worry no more of mixing your skirt shorts with your earrings collection. Those above are some guides to match the items and you are ready to steal overall’s attention.