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Top 5 Mini Skirts to Wear for Any Occasions

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Mini skirt does never get old and also never fails to awe our eyes with its capability on being mixed with so many fashion items. This kind of skirt that has been popular since the late 60s has many types and styles that you can choose do to your own preferences. If you have not known more any better about some types of the short skirt, this article will give you an enlightment.

Top Types of Mini Skirt That You Need to Know (or Even Have)

  1. Bubble mini skirt. The voluminous bubble mini skirt will go just well if you use it on a fall season. However, the printed skirt of this style will draw people’s attention immediately to your lower part of the body so matching it with the other fashion items may be a bit tricky. Try combining the skirt shorts with nude or black legging and dark colored boots. For more effortless look, try using a suitable barret with matching color as well.
  2. Ruffle mini skirt. This ruffle skirt is quite popular and you may just have one of it in your wardrobe. This mini skirt is simply described as the skirt with many ruffled layers or riffles. One tip on using it is, wear any simple casual item as your top, for example a plain white tee. If you keen to pull of an elegant look, wear this kind of skirt with smaller ruffles meanwhile for the fun and happy look, try the larger ruffles as your choice.
  3. Fitted mini skirt. If you are confident enough with your straight body shape, you may pull of a look with any fitted short skirt. Short skirt alone comes in some other variations like stretch tube skirt and pencil skirt. Combine the plain type of this skirt with any complex printed top to emphasize your top if you do not really feel comfortable of people looking at your skirt. Otherwise, you can have complex printing or styles of this skirt shorts if you are cmfortable enough. Choose the top that will fit just well.
  4. Pleated mini skirt. Pleated printed skirt can actually go just fine with most of the women. That means if you are comfortable enough, use your printed skirt with any basic colored top and you are ready to go.
  5. A-line mini skirt. A-line mini skirt may make you look like a schooler, however that does not mean that you can’t look elegant with this item. Try mixing the printed skirt of this item with your formal top wear.

With those informations told above, it is not a bad decision to have the top 5 mini skirts altogether in your wardrobe.