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Die Cut vs. Kiss Cut Sticker Differences and Purposes

posted by Custom on September 8, 2016

Die cut vs. kiss cut sticker still makes people confused and curious about their difference and it seems like a clarification is required here to make everything clear between the two stickers definitions. It is not only about the definitions, but there will also be some explanation about which cutting sticker that can be used based on your need since both have different purpose in use. You need to carefully choose and buy them since both sticker printing have different prices as well.

The Differences between Die Cut and Kiss Cut Stickers

  • Die Cut. Die cut means that the cutting sticker can be made in custom-shaped and the material will be cut through by the cutting machine and the shape is given by the backing material to custom sticker. The result will usually be unique.
  • Kiss Cut. Kiss cut means that the stickers’ borders will have light cuts within them and you can peel them out of the backing material without removing the backing material. You may have heard about the sticker sheet, it is actually multiple kiss cuts on one product. This type is actually the popular one when talking about the pressure-sensitive labels creation technique. There is a sharp metal die that will cut every label’s perimeter as the procedure of the kiss cut making; sometimes the laser beam is used instead. For a more convenience, there is a wide option of labels that is produced by the kiss cut sticker printing technique no matter what configuration or the shape it is.

Both types of cutting sticker have differences, like die cut has a better look and appearance and seems more attractive if compared to the kiss cut. Commonly, die cuts are used as price tags, promotional tags, shops’ stickers and so on because they are more popular.

Both types also have similarity which is known to be cut based on their patterns when attached to the media or surface that we want.

Which Cutting Sticker Can Be Used?

It becomes a common question that is asked by many people about which sticker printing that we can use for our need. If you need something to promote your business, event, or product, kiss cut sticker is always better because it can be cut following the pattern so we do not need to worry about if the result will only be in square shape. However, if it is for label, die cut cutting sticker is totally the choice because it is more interesting to attract people to have an eye on your product. Now, you can see which sticker printing type that can help you to promote your business.