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How to Look Good In Print T Shirt?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Using print t shirt might be the choice for many people since it could make you looked better. However when you choose the wrong t shirt printing then you would not looked better, or worse it could transform to bad look. That is why using the right custom t shirt is important; sadly not all people know how to look good in t shirt.

Using the right tshirt printing to looked good

  1. Choose design: first you need to choose the shirt design that you want to use, this is important since the design will decide the feeling you want to get from the shirt. For cool feeling you could try to use graphic print, for sharp feeling you could try to use animal print, and for more subtle feeling you could try to use abstract print.
  2. Choose size: if you purchase t shirt from t shirt printing then it is a must to choose the right size. When you choose t shirt that is too small, then your body would be pressed by the shirt and it would not look good. For men bigger size could still be tolerated if you want to use hip hop style using t shirt. But for women it would be better to use best fit t shirt which will follow the shape of the body so it would looked good.
  3. Choose the cut: the cuts of t shirt are different for each t shirt design, which is why choosing the right cut is important. For men the cut should be straight right from the shoulder downwards, as for women you should choose tshirt printing that has women shape which create some curve on the waist area.
  4. Choose length: different length of the shirt will give different feeling. For men who want to use hip hop style then you could use shirt which are oversized so the length could be under the hip. But for women, it would be better if the length is on the right size, it should be able to cover the belly but it would not reach too far below. Some women may choose t shirt that reach below the hip but not too far.
  5. Choose quality: good quality t shirt surely give you better look so choose t shirt with cotton combed material which have good stitch and also very comfortable to use.