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Transform Men Shirt Design to Women T Shirt

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Some women might like to see men shirt design which appears cool so they want to use the same design for their t shirt. However since tshirt printing only make it in men size, then as women you might not be able to use it. Moreover when you want to have the same t shirt as your boyfriend, the availability of the shirt in women size that might not available will make you frustrated. But you should not have to worry since you could actually transform the tshirt printing for men to women t shirt in easy way

Transforming t shirt made by t shirt printing

  1. First you need to choose the men print t shirt that you want to use, it would be better if the print is only available on the center of the men t shirt since you need to cut it to better fit you. Choose print that is not too big so you would not cut through the design.
  2. Choose your old t shirt that fit you the most, it is important since you would use the old t shirt as the template of your new one. Do not use t shirt that is too small since it could make the t shirt appear even smaller so you would not be able to use it.
  3. Turn the men t shirt so the outside would be on the inside of the shirt then put it on the table. Make sure that there is no wrinkle on the surface of the t shirt.
  4. Put your old t shirt on the top of the men t shirt as the template.
  5. Draw the shape of your old t shirt to the men t shirt be careful with the t shirt printing, make sure that you do not draw pass the print. If the print appear too large so you need to cut right through it, then you need to think about the end result if the result would looked good or not.
  6. Then place some pin to attached two layers of men t shirt together so you could cut both the front and the back part of the t shirt together.
  7. Cut the men t shirt but leave about one centimeter from the line you have draw before.
  8. Sew the custom t shirt right on the line you have drawn before to create t shirt design with women size.