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How to Choose Print T Shirt Pattern for Gift?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

If you feeling confused as to what kind of gift you could get for your friends you might want to try giving them custom t shirt that you create using tshirt printing. This tshirt printing would be able to make t shirt design that match with anything you want. However when you want to give the t shirt to your friends then you need to know what print would your friends like to have in their t shirt. That way you could create the best t shirt gift that suitable with your friend’s taste.


Using t shirt printing to create best gift

  1. Traveling lover: if your friends love to travel, then they usually have plenty of t shirts since it would be the best clothing that would be comfortable to wear while traveling. For this kind of friends you could try to search picture of popular traveling destination with their monumental building. Use the best building that your friends will like as their shirt design.
  2. Music lover: you may usually gift CD to your friends that love music. However to change the mood you might want to give t shirt. For music lover you could try to search for their favorite musician then used their picture as the print t shirt pattern. If they have one CD that they love the most, you could also use the cover picture of the CD as the pattern of your t shirt, then on the back of the t shirt place the playlist of the CD.
  3. Cartoon lover: if your friends love cartoon, you could try to search their favorite super hero which they love ever since their childhood. Choose a pose from the superhero which very popular one, you might want to search which series of that superhero which is very popular. Use the picture of the superhero to create t shirt printing that you like.
  4. Book lover: for book lover, you need to work extra hard to know more about your friends. Try to search about their favorite book and see the famous quotation from the book. Use the most favorite cover from the book series that your friends will love and place the quotation on the back of the t shirt as decoration. That way if you give the gift to them they would really appreciate and love the gift you get.