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How to Choose Print T Shirt Color for Men

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Men is number one user of print t shirt, however sometimes they do not know how to choose the color of the t shirt since they do not know which color that would suit them the best. That is why some men choose to use dark color t shirt that they purchase from t shirt printing. However you should not have to worry since actually you should not have to avoid any color since color would actually enhance your appearance.


Choosing the best tshirt printing color

  1. Summer color t shirt: summer is the best season for color, which is why you will see many colors used in this season. For men you could actually use any color during the season as long as it works well with your skin color.
  2. Beige color t shirt: beige color is very close to skin color tone, which is why when you wear custom t shirt with beige color there would not be enough contrast between your skin color tone and the t shirt color. So it would be better if you never use any t shirt with this color.
  3. French blue color t shirt: this color has neutral shade which could complement any skin color no matter the tone. That is why you could find using this rich blue color would flatter your appearance.

Beside the color you should also choose the print you have on the surface of the t shirt. It is highly needs to choose print that you like, but one that will also able to give good statement on yourself. You should know that the tshirt printing is used as a form of statement which will describe the personality of the wearer.

That is why you should always choose shirt design that suitable with your liking. For example if you like music, then you could try to use t shirt printing with music theme. However the t shirt printing should also be consider, do not use t shirt with rock band picture or logo on top if you do not like rock music. The reason is because people will think you like rock music only because you wear them. Do not forget that the color of the t shirt should also match well with your personality, for example bright people will love to wear bright color such as yellow and orange, while calm people will love to wear calm color such green and blue.