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How to Weave T Shirt Printing?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

When you have t shirt printing you might want to add some style to the t shirt which will make the t shirt looked cooler. One way that you could do to add style into your tshirt printing is by weaving the t shirt. There are a lot of t shirt with this style sold by t shirt printing, however you could also try to weave your own t shirt.


Back weave style t shirt

  1. Add the weave on the back of your print t shirt by cutting horizontal lines all along the back surface of the t shirt. But be very careful since you do not want to cut the whole back, so you need to stop at around two inches before the end on the side seams. Make sure that you cut each line with one inch space between them.
  2. Take the first slit line and weave it around the second slit line from under the slit.
  3. Pull the second slit line tightly so it could hold the first slit line.
  4. Take the second slit line and weave it around the third slit. Continue this step until you have woven to the last slit line.
  5. For the last slit line, you could stitch it onto the bottom seam of the tshirt printing.

Ribbon weave style t shirt

  1. Add ribbon weave style to your custom t shirt by cutting two small horizontal lines on the side of the body right under the armpit area. Make sure that the two lines are aligned together.
  2. Cut second row of line right below the first lines with one inch apart. Do it until you have cut rows of line to the bottom of the t shirt design.
  3. Take a ribbon with different color but still in matching shade with your t shirt.
  4. Fold the ribbon in half and put one end of the ribbon on one slit line and the other end on the other slit line.
  5. Weave the ribbon through every slit line until you reach the end of the line.
  6. You could also try to thread the ribbon the same way as you thread your shoes ribbon.
  7. Pull the ribbon so to create scrunched shirt design with the length as you like.
  8. Tied the ribbon on the bottom of the t shirt. You could also do this to the other side of the t shirt.