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How to Choose T Shirt Print to Use?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

T shirt printing has many kinds of service which we could use to create your own custom t shirt using any kinds of design you want. However you might not be able to find the best t shirt design which would be more suitable for you. Now we will give you the easy way on choosing it.


Suitable tshirt printing for you to wear

  1. T shirt size: T shirt printing comes in many kinds of size, which is why you need to choose which size work well for you. But do not choose t shirt that is too tight because it would not make your figure look good. Baggy shirt also make your body looked unshaped, which is why well fit t shirt is the best choice.
  2. T shirt length: the length of your shirt will describe how far down your shirt will reach. If it reaches too far, then it would cover more than half of your body. This is not good since it would make your body appears shorter. That is why t shirt which only reach your hips section would be enough.
  3. T shirt material: when using tshirt printing you surely want to be comfortable. That is why you need to make sure that the material is comfortable one, moreover high quality material will make your t shirt last longer. The best t shirt should be made from combed cotton which is high quality cotton material.
  4. T shirt color: the color of your print t shirt should also complement with your overall color, such as skin color, eye color and even hair color. Match your t shirt with the color of your eyes so it would work best for your skin color.
  5. T shirt detail: the detail on your shirt design should be match with your personality since t shirt is used to express yourself. Then you need to make sure that the picture that printed on one is suitable with your personality since you do not want to give wrong impression on the shirt you wear.
  6. Complement cloth: before you really purchase the t shirt, think about what to wear with the t shirt, which of your pants will go well with the t shirt or accessories which will make the t shirt looked better. This is important if you do not want to purchase new pants just to match it with your t shirt.