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Creating Custom Halloween T Shirt Print Idea for Party

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

T shirt printing is very popular these days, which is why more and more people use it to create their own custom t shirt. Among all kinds of t shirt, you will find Halloween t shirt is very popular recently, especially since the day would comes up just in weeks so you need to prepare t shirt to wear at your Halloween party. If you are not going to use a costume then, t shirt with Halloween theme would be most suitable since it is comfortable and cool at the same time.


Using tshirt printing to create Halloween t shirt

  1. Jack O Lantern: there is no Halloween without Jack O Lantern, which is you could create t shirt printing with this character on the surface. You could also accessorize your shirt with bracelet made from pumpkin shaped toy pearls.
  2. Egypt Mummy: the mystery of pyramid and its mummy has continued to be one of the popular Halloween themes. You could try to search pyramid picture to be the background then add mummy character on the front of the pyramid.
  3. Vampire: you might already know that vampire has been popular character which is not scary anymore. People love to use vampire character since they are so cool, try to find vampire picture with cool or scary appearance to be place on your t shirt design.
  4. Movie poster: you surely have watched a lot of scary movie which comes out during Halloween holiday. This is the time to use all of that and create print t shirt using the poster of the movie that you have watch before.
  5. Rocker picture: if you still want to use costume for your Halloween party, then you could try to use rocker picture as your shirt design. Then match your t shirt with leather pans and jacket so you now have rocker costume for your Halloween night.
  6. Villain picture: the Halloween is the time when villain gets to play the hero. A lot of villain has great costume such as Joker with his clown appearance. Search for scary villain picture and use it for your tshirt printing and now you have been villain fans,
  7. Scary animal: if you think that all of those characters is not for you, you could try more natural approach by using scary animal as your t shirt picture. Snake or lions will create great impression for your t shirt.

How to Choose T Shirt Print to Use?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

T shirt printing has many kinds of service which we could use to create your own custom t shirt using any kinds of design you want. However you might not be able to find the best t shirt design which would be more suitable for you. Now we will give you the easy way on choosing it.


Suitable tshirt printing for you to wear

  1. T shirt size: T shirt printing comes in many kinds of size, which is why you need to choose which size work well for you. But do not choose t shirt that is too tight because it would not make your figure look good. Baggy shirt also make your body looked unshaped, which is why well fit t shirt is the best choice.
  2. T shirt length: the length of your shirt will describe how far down your shirt will reach. If it reaches too far, then it would cover more than half of your body. This is not good since it would make your body appears shorter. That is why t shirt which only reach your hips section would be enough.
  3. T shirt material: when using tshirt printing you surely want to be comfortable. That is why you need to make sure that the material is comfortable one, moreover high quality material will make your t shirt last longer. The best t shirt should be made from combed cotton which is high quality cotton material.
  4. T shirt color: the color of your print t shirt should also complement with your overall color, such as skin color, eye color and even hair color. Match your t shirt with the color of your eyes so it would work best for your skin color.
  5. T shirt detail: the detail on your shirt design should be match with your personality since t shirt is used to express yourself. Then you need to make sure that the picture that printed on one is suitable with your personality since you do not want to give wrong impression on the shirt you wear.
  6. Complement cloth: before you really purchase the t shirt, think about what to wear with the t shirt, which of your pants will go well with the t shirt or accessories which will make the t shirt looked better. This is important if you do not want to purchase new pants just to match it with your t shirt.  

Print T Shirt with Cut Style

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

There are many kinds of graphic which you could get from custom t shirt, which is why more and more people like to order from t shirt printing so they could create any shirt design that they want. However you could try to add more style of your t shirt by cutting it in several parts of the cloth. That way your t shirt would be more stylish


Creating stylish shirt with cutting it

  1. Purchase t shirt from tshirt printing which have print and design that you love. But for the t shirt it would be better if you choose one with color that has suitable feeling with the style you want to get. For example if you want to get rock style you could use black colored t shirt.
  2. If your shirt is too long, you could cut the bottom seam of your shirt. The shorter the t shirt it would be better since it would appear more stylish.
  3. Put the t shirt on table, and then put something heavy on the side of the t shirt so it would not move around.
  4. Cut a board the same size with the body of your print t shirt. Then insert the board onto the shirt body to separate the front part of the body with the behind part.
  5. Take a ruler that long enough to spread from the edge of the shirt to the other edge.
  6. Take a fabric pencil and use it to mark the end of the line which you want to cut on the tshirt printing
  7. Use X Acto knife and use it to cut the t shirt printing in diagonal line right on the center of the t shirt. Create lines like this for 6 to 7 lines in the breast area of the t shirt. Make sure that you do not create the line too large or too heavy since it could make the t shirt fry open and damage the whole fabric.
  8. Cut small lines on the side of the sleeves in rows with one inch part between each line. But if you want to, you could also cut the whole sleeve loose so you could create sleeveless t shirt style.
  9. Try on the t shirt to see t shirt design you have created, use inner shirt since the cut will reveal your skin.

Any Clothing That Will Match T Shirt Printing

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Your clothing is very important thing to choose, that is why should always match everything you wear from head to toes. Some of you might love to wear t shirt printing that you purchase from tshirt printing. However some of you might not know which clothing that would match well with tshirt printing. There are actually many selection of things which you could use to complement your look.


Choosing the right thing to wear with t shirt

  1. Jacket: when you wear a custom t shirt with special design on the surface, you might not know which clothing that would complement them. However jacket is the ultimate and easy choice which you could use to complement your t shirt. Choose any jacket color that match well with your t shirt. You could also choose jacket color that has high contras with the t shirt color that you wear, but you need to be very careful so you would not choose jacket color that clash with the color of your t shirt.
  2. Hoodie: if you are out on a cold weather, you might want to use something that could keep you warm. This is why you could try to use hoodie to match with the t shirt that you purchase from t shirt printing. Choose hoodie that has zipper so you could open the hoodie to reveal the shirt design of t shirt you wear. However if that is too cold for you, you could also try to zip only half of the clothes so it would show some design on your t shirt but still keeps you warm.
  3. Vest: even when you wear print t shirt, it does not mean you could not wear any vest. Choose any type of vest which would complement your t shirt because they could frame the print of your t shirt so more and more people will be drawn to see the print on your t shirt. Just leave the vest open so you could show the print on your t shirt.
  4. Pants: the best thing about t shirt design is you could find many kinds of design to be match with your pants collection. However there is no exact thing on which pants you could use, but for most people they would go using jeans and cargo pants choose dark color pants which will make the color of your print t shirt comes up more.

How to Choose Print T Shirt Color for Men

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Men is number one user of print t shirt, however sometimes they do not know how to choose the color of the t shirt since they do not know which color that would suit them the best. That is why some men choose to use dark color t shirt that they purchase from t shirt printing. However you should not have to worry since actually you should not have to avoid any color since color would actually enhance your appearance.


Choosing the best tshirt printing color

  1. Summer color t shirt: summer is the best season for color, which is why you will see many colors used in this season. For men you could actually use any color during the season as long as it works well with your skin color.
  2. Beige color t shirt: beige color is very close to skin color tone, which is why when you wear custom t shirt with beige color there would not be enough contrast between your skin color tone and the t shirt color. So it would be better if you never use any t shirt with this color.
  3. French blue color t shirt: this color has neutral shade which could complement any skin color no matter the tone. That is why you could find using this rich blue color would flatter your appearance.

Beside the color you should also choose the print you have on the surface of the t shirt. It is highly needs to choose print that you like, but one that will also able to give good statement on yourself. You should know that the tshirt printing is used as a form of statement which will describe the personality of the wearer.

That is why you should always choose shirt design that suitable with your liking. For example if you like music, then you could try to use t shirt printing with music theme. However the t shirt printing should also be consider, do not use t shirt with rock band picture or logo on top if you do not like rock music. The reason is because people will think you like rock music only because you wear them. Do not forget that the color of the t shirt should also match well with your personality, for example bright people will love to wear bright color such as yellow and orange, while calm people will love to wear calm color such green and blue.


How to Make Your New Print T Shirt Looking Cuter?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

T shirt printing has been one of the most popular kinds of cloth that everyone likes to use. Although men like to use it the most since it would makes them looked cute. For women you may have custom t shirt that you like, but the t shirt has ordinary shape that does not fit you well. That is why you might want to make the shape looked cuter especially when the tshirt printing has create design which you like the most.


Changing the shape or t shirt to cute t shirt

  1. Put the print t shirt that you have on the table, and flatten any wrinkle on your t shirt. Make sure that the front and the back on the shirt is aligned so there would not be any mistake in the next steps.
  2. Now let us move to make the t shirt design becomes cuter. You could see that most t shirt will have thick neckline which does not looked cute at all. You could cut this neckline right under the collar seam. Create broad arc which lies across the whole neck from one shoulder to the other side. This would create a cute off shoulder t shirt which you could match with tank top when wearing it.
  3. Another part that you could work on is the sleeves. You could always cut the whole sleeves to make it looked cuter. However when you still want to have the shirt design then you may only want to make the shoulder shorter, just cut the seam of the t shirt.
  4. Important part of t shirt printing is on the length of the t shirt itself. Sometimes you would feel that the length is too much for you. It might even drown you if the length is far below your waist. You could try to see the length of your other t shirt which will fit you the most, then use it as the guide to cut the t shirt as the length of your other t shirt.
  5. If the tshirt printing is too good and you do not want to ruin it by cutting them, then you could still have the original shape. To make them look cute you could try to add a collar on the neckline which you could create from a lace which have big size, add the lace to the sleeve and bottom part of the t shirt.

How to Choose Print T Shirt Pattern for Gift?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

If you feeling confused as to what kind of gift you could get for your friends you might want to try giving them custom t shirt that you create using tshirt printing. This tshirt printing would be able to make t shirt design that match with anything you want. However when you want to give the t shirt to your friends then you need to know what print would your friends like to have in their t shirt. That way you could create the best t shirt gift that suitable with your friend’s taste.


Using t shirt printing to create best gift

  1. Traveling lover: if your friends love to travel, then they usually have plenty of t shirts since it would be the best clothing that would be comfortable to wear while traveling. For this kind of friends you could try to search picture of popular traveling destination with their monumental building. Use the best building that your friends will like as their shirt design.
  2. Music lover: you may usually gift CD to your friends that love music. However to change the mood you might want to give t shirt. For music lover you could try to search for their favorite musician then used their picture as the print t shirt pattern. If they have one CD that they love the most, you could also use the cover picture of the CD as the pattern of your t shirt, then on the back of the t shirt place the playlist of the CD.
  3. Cartoon lover: if your friends love cartoon, you could try to search their favorite super hero which they love ever since their childhood. Choose a pose from the superhero which very popular one, you might want to search which series of that superhero which is very popular. Use the picture of the superhero to create t shirt printing that you like.
  4. Book lover: for book lover, you need to work extra hard to know more about your friends. Try to search about their favorite book and see the famous quotation from the book. Use the most favorite cover from the book series that your friends will love and place the quotation on the back of the t shirt as decoration. That way if you give the gift to them they would really appreciate and love the gift you get.

Transform Men Shirt Design to Women T Shirt

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Some women might like to see men shirt design which appears cool so they want to use the same design for their t shirt. However since tshirt printing only make it in men size, then as women you might not be able to use it. Moreover when you want to have the same t shirt as your boyfriend, the availability of the shirt in women size that might not available will make you frustrated. But you should not have to worry since you could actually transform the tshirt printing for men to women t shirt in easy way

Transforming t shirt made by t shirt printing

  1. First you need to choose the men print t shirt that you want to use, it would be better if the print is only available on the center of the men t shirt since you need to cut it to better fit you. Choose print that is not too big so you would not cut through the design.
  2. Choose your old t shirt that fit you the most, it is important since you would use the old t shirt as the template of your new one. Do not use t shirt that is too small since it could make the t shirt appear even smaller so you would not be able to use it.
  3. Turn the men t shirt so the outside would be on the inside of the shirt then put it on the table. Make sure that there is no wrinkle on the surface of the t shirt.
  4. Put your old t shirt on the top of the men t shirt as the template.
  5. Draw the shape of your old t shirt to the men t shirt be careful with the t shirt printing, make sure that you do not draw pass the print. If the print appear too large so you need to cut right through it, then you need to think about the end result if the result would looked good or not.
  6. Then place some pin to attached two layers of men t shirt together so you could cut both the front and the back part of the t shirt together.
  7. Cut the men t shirt but leave about one centimeter from the line you have draw before.
  8. Sew the custom t shirt right on the line you have drawn before to create t shirt design with women size.  

How to Look Good In Print T Shirt?

posted by Custom on September 7, 2016

Using print t shirt might be the choice for many people since it could make you looked better. However when you choose the wrong t shirt printing then you would not looked better, or worse it could transform to bad look. That is why using the right custom t shirt is important; sadly not all people know how to look good in t shirt.

Using the right tshirt printing to looked good

  1. Choose design: first you need to choose the shirt design that you want to use, this is important since the design will decide the feeling you want to get from the shirt. For cool feeling you could try to use graphic print, for sharp feeling you could try to use animal print, and for more subtle feeling you could try to use abstract print.
  2. Choose size: if you purchase t shirt from t shirt printing then it is a must to choose the right size. When you choose t shirt that is too small, then your body would be pressed by the shirt and it would not look good. For men bigger size could still be tolerated if you want to use hip hop style using t shirt. But for women it would be better to use best fit t shirt which will follow the shape of the body so it would looked good.
  3. Choose the cut: the cuts of t shirt are different for each t shirt design, which is why choosing the right cut is important. For men the cut should be straight right from the shoulder downwards, as for women you should choose tshirt printing that has women shape which create some curve on the waist area.
  4. Choose length: different length of the shirt will give different feeling. For men who want to use hip hop style then you could use shirt which are oversized so the length could be under the hip. But for women, it would be better if the length is on the right size, it should be able to cover the belly but it would not reach too far below. Some women may choose t shirt that reach below the hip but not too far.
  5. Choose quality: good quality t shirt surely give you better look so choose t shirt with cotton combed material which have good stitch and also very comfortable to use.