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name card

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Price List

Materials Without Laminating
1 sisi 2 sisi
Art Cartoon 260 30.000 60.000
Mohawk Via Linen Bright White 298 gr 75.000 95.000
Mohawk Via Felt Bright White 216 75.000 95.000
Mohawk Everyday Uncoated Smooth White 270 gr 75.000 95.000
Curious Metallics Metal Ice Silver 300 gr 100.000 120.000
Materials Laminating (Glossy/Matte)
1 sisi 2 sisi
Art Cartoon 260 40.000 80.000
*note: Khusus rekening sticker dan kartu nama kami berubah, menjadi:

PT Sarang Semut Emas
Rek BCA 5370189775
Rek Mandiri 117 00 80007099


Different types of paper that we use
name card paper art carton

Art Paper/ Art Carton

Print name cards with various of thickness around 230gr, 260gr, 310gr also 360gr also enough thick to print name cards, a little slippery or shiny, so it’s not easy to write with a pen. So if you expect the recipient of card note something about you or your company, do not print with the use of paper like this. It is suitable for designs name card with blocks color. So Art Carton also automatically used if the final finishing after printing is matte or glossy laminate.

mohawk logo

Mohawk Paper

The import paper to print name card have various sizes, smooth texture similar to paper BW, but with better ink absorption, so the result of prints are absolutely more eye-catching. So if you like the design art, you will prefer printing using this paper. You can make more freedom to be creative with the design of your business card. Mohawk Paper material that we have are:

mohawk linen back end
mohawk linen front end
  • Mohawk Via Linen Bright White 298 gr

One of the imported paper Mohawk which can be used as the materials printing of name card, production paper with heavy 298gr and finishing with the texture of linear, soft, if it is touched then it will feel the linen texture is soft in the paper, the absorption of the ink which is good, so it can capture name card design with detail perfectly.

mohawk felt back end
mohawk felt front end
  • Mohawk Via Felt Bright White 216gr

Similar to the variant Mohawk Linen Bright, distinguishing Mohawk Via Felt is produced with the weight 216gr and finishing with texture Felt (wavy random), if it is touched then it will feel the texture of the waves rough of this paper, this is good used to print the cards with complicated shapes, because the texture of this paper which is solid and also durable, good ink absorption, but it has the weekness to capture detail design which is not good when printed due to wavy texture.

mohawk uncoated back end
mohawk uncoated front end
  • Mohawk Everyday Uncoated Smooth White 270 gr

Well..based on the name is the production of the mohawk paper with a weight of 270gr, finishing Uncoated Smooth, which means this paper does not have a layer so that is not shiny, but although this paper has no layers, Mohawk produce with a very smooth finishing. Suitable to use for name card printing with full color because this paper has a design perfect for this paper absorbs ink and excellent design detail when printed, the weakness is not as thick like the material Mohawk above.

Curious Metallics

Beside our mohawk variant, We also provide one kind of unique paper for a base namecard, that is:

curious metallics back end
curious metallics front end
  • Curious Metallics Metal Ice Silver 300 gr

Paper is produced with a weight of 300 grams, and has a layer of Metal Ice Silver so have the impression Metallic Silver prints, is suitable as a raw material business card printing that want to create the impression of elegant, excess paper of this type can create the impression that elegant on business card printing you because Mettalic Silver lining offered.