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United Athle

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united athle

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Size Material
Dry Silky touch T-shirt
S (48cm x 65cm) 130.000
M (51cm x 68cm) 130.000
L (54cm x 71cm) 130.000
XL (57cm x 74cm) 135.000
XXL (60cm x 77cm) 135.000

*Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside

*We have 2-3cm size tolerance in every shirt.


dry silkly touch

Dry Silky Touch T shirt

United athle shirts with 100 % polyester material 75D which is thin and soft will make the print on the shirt United Athle absorb well, colors are brighter and will not come off. T-shirt material is smooth and comfortable to wear, even for long exercise, and hard exercise. The color change will not be happen with this type of shirt, because the T-shirt printing ink absorbs nicely. Other advantages with United Athle, the material has Ultraviolet Protection Factor : UPF 50+ . United Athle very suitable if made fullprint, because the T-shirt has a good fiber density, so fullprint will absorb ink well and it will keep long time. Fullprint United Athle also will become elegant shirt.

The weakness about print in united athle shirts

  • If you print a full one side, there will be the affected part of the print on the side that was not printed.
  • There will be a small part that does not come printed, like underarm section, and also it has parts of sections folded when the shirts pressed it.
united athle weakness 1
united athle weakness 1

How to Order

  • Make sure that your Upload Pattern is in accordance with the Size you ordered in the order menu, as we print based on Uploaded Pattern and if there is an error when you upload we are not responsible for the print result.

  • For order fullprint, please download the pattern and choose the size that has been provided in dropdown list. ( make sure use the newest pattern from us).
  • You can put your image into a pattern that has been provided with photoshop software.
  • Save as your file with format JPEG then upload to your dropbox account
  • Next step you can process your order, click the "Order Now" button on the top right corner.
  • For fullprint order the file size is relative large, so you need photoshop and dropbox to send the pattern file to us.
  • If you have any question please contacts us at 081932880757 or email to .
  • Do not change the pattern, added, rotate or anything like that because it will effect the result of it. And we are not responsible for any different result.

  • Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside