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Women Midi Gamis

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Size Material
Cavalli Bowden Helmia
XS (95 x 87 x 56cm) 145.000 125.000 190.000
S (98 x 88 x 57cm) 145.000 125.000 190.000
M (100 x 90 x 58cm) 145.000 125.000 190.000
L (102 x 92 x 59cm) 165.000 135.000 200.000
XL (105 x 94 x 60cm) 165.000 135.000 200.000
2XL (107 x 96 x 61cm) 165.000 135.000 200.000
3XL (108 x 99 x 61cm) 195.000 145.000 210.000
4XL (110 x 102 x 62cm) 195.000 145.000 210.000
5XL (111 x 105 x 63cm) 195.000 145.000 210.000

*Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside



Cavali Material is not glossy such as velvet, the material is more matte. So the impression of luxury and elegance still remain but not excesive. Cavali material more thicker than Velvet, it is almost look same, but if held will feel the difference. Comparison with the price Cavali materials are more expensive than velvet. Even the cavali materials softer and smoother than Velvet. So, do not choose because the low price, but because this type of Cavali material is more better and expensive.


100% polyester, because of the unique texture so that the texture is soft to the touch.

Material Specification :
  • Thin and transparent
  • Limp and follow the shape of body
  • The result is matte
  • The texture is coarse and slippery


Satin with velvet texture and an elegant matte color results.

Material Specification :
  • Width of Maximum print area: 90 cm (90 cm) and 146 cm (150 cm )
  • Estimated depreciation: 3%
  • Length of Maximum Print: 3 metres

How to Order

  • Make sure that your Upload Pattern is in accordance with the Size you ordered in the order menu, as we print based on Uploaded Pattern and if there is an error when you upload we are not responsible for the print result.

  • For order fullprint, please download the pattern and choose the size that has been provided in dropdown list. ( make sure use the newest pattern from us).
  • You can put your image into a pattern that has been provided with photoshop software.
  • Save as your file with format JPEG then upload to your dropbox account
  • Next step you can process your order, click the "Order Now" button on the top right corner.
  • For fullprint order the file size is relative large, so you need photoshop and dropbox to send the pattern file to us.
  • If you have any question please contacts us at 081932880757 or email to .
  • Do not change the pattern, added, rotate or anything like that because it will effect the result of it. And we are not responsible for any different result.

  • Please fill up the entire pattern with your design, take NOTE that 2-4cm on the seams will be sewn inside